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Grade ten students got a whole new perspective on poetry today at the Poetic License poetry slam put on by Hamilton Youth Poets at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Students cheered on their peers as Hamilton high school students shared their spoken word poems. It was amazing to see how other teens are expressing themselves through words as art!


Music classes visited First Ontario Concert Hall downtown to observe professional musicians rehearsing for the morning.

Track & Field

Congratulations to all in the Track and Field team who competed at yesterday’s OCSSAA meet in Brampton with such good team spirit, determination, and grace.

Congratulations to Ethan Summerhays for winning gold in both the 1,500m and 3,000m!

Venture 10 ~ McMaster Engineering Travelling Workshop

How do you get a 3D printed model of a space module to land gently on a planetary surface so that it can be reused? 

That was the challenge posed by a group of four senior engineering students from McMaster to our Venture 10 class. After briefly introducing the skills engineers use to solve design and problem-solving challenges, our students were then put in teams and each given a  limited budget to buy a variety of items including straws, plastic, tape string, and sponges. They then had 35 minutes to design, test, prototype and complete their space landing module so that it would land on a tin foil surface without puncturing it.

Using their imagination and design thinking skills, students created spider legs, parachutes, cotton ball feet, and popsicle stick landing gear to land their module. They then presented a brief pitch for their lander and did a landing test which was scored by the team.

The workshop provided a great overview of design thinking, teamwork and problem solving as well as a great deal of fun.

Thanks to Yousuf, Matthew, Nicole, and Roba from McMaster LEAP program for providing a great engineering and design skills workshop.

Science ~ Grade 9

The grade 9 science classes have been studying the importance of wetlands and the roles that they serve, including preserving biodiversity.  The students had a chance to visit a local wetland, Cootes Paradise.  The Nature Interpreter took us on a hike, pointing out various invasive species along the way.

The students were able to see the Fishway that keeps invasive carp out of Cootes Paradise and do some water quality testing as well.  Though it was cold and raining, being out in nature is always a great experience.  Some students saw some deer just off the path and others saw a heron pick a fish right out of the water.


A group from the MacMaster Science and Engineering programs came to HDCH and worked with the Grade 10 Science class and the Grade 11 physics.
Grade 10 Science
As part of the Climate Change unit in Grade 10 science, we talk about alternative energy sources.  The students were involved in a mini competition to see which group could make a windmill that produced the most electricity when powered by a hairdryer.  The group of Maddy E,  Taylor C and Melany R produced the highest voltage.
Grade 11 Physics
The Grade 11 physics class had a competition to see which group could produce the most effective electric motor starting with a simple coil of copper wire, a magnet and a couple of batteries.  In this competition, the J.A.M. team took home the honours with Jordan G, Alyssa S and Matt R. producing the most effective motor.
Both classes had a great time learning, problem-solving and building skills that are used in the fields of science and technology.

Classroom News


Bridge Day Culinary Experience- Two teams of students planned, prepared and served two creative 3- Course Meals to 8 judges on their Bridge Day. A Tour through Europe started in Holland with homemade bitterboellen, then off to Italy for freshly made chicken parmesan, on sauteed aubergine with homemade marinara sauce and served on homemade pasta noodles. The tour continued into France with fresh crepes that were filled with a variety of fresh fruit, freshly whipped cream and chocolate drizzle for dessert. This meal was accompanied by a Swiss-inspired homemade hot chocolate and whipped cream.

The 60’s Diner menu included homemade loaded potato soup with a fresh homemade dinner roll. The main was a stuffed slider on a homemade hot cross bun and a side of eggplant fries. The eggplant fries came with freshly made tzatziki sauce. Dessert was a classic 60’s diner fresh baked mini apple pie and whipped cream on time. The meal was accompanied with a homemade vanilla bean milkshake and flavoured water.

The two teams worked well together in the kitchen focusing on making everything from scratch to suit their theme, budget and skill level. It was a close culinary competition but the 60’s diner earned the Master Chef title.


Joosung Kim earned a gold medal while Hayley earned a silver medal at the City championships. Competing at SOSSA in Pelham Ontario includes Hayley Jonker midget girls singles, Joosung Kim midget boys singles and Braden Van Wingerden and  Aiden Zimmerman in junior boys doubles. Go Knights!

The Junior and Senior teams participated well at OCSSAA.

Computer Science

Watch the Grade 11 Computer Science Student Lego Battlebots finals!


Classrooms This Week


Grade 9 French students spent time sharing Routine posters that they made for CCS students to be more exposed to French in daily routines at school. They also were an audience for the CCS students as they practiced their class plays.

Poetry Crawl

Grade 10 students have been working on noticing poetry as words forming art. We’ve done a Poetry Crawl in Hamilton, worked with  Popsonnets and poetic devices, and we welcomed Redeemer’s Deborah Bowen to our class for bridge day today to talk about her Poetry in Ecology Project.


Congratulations to the entire Midget Badminton team for a great day on the court on Friday, April 5th at Waterdown HighSchool. The entire team competed well playing their best badminton of the season to date. Every player advanced well into the tournament making it into the top four spots. It was impressive to see how well these athletes represented our school with integrity, sportsmanship, and skill.

Christians in Society | WATCH

On Friday, March 29th, Mrs. Bula from World Renew came to HDCH to shed light on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals with a focus on Goal #6 which aims to provide clean water and sanitation on a global scale. Stemming from an initiative starting in 1990, this WaSH: clean water, sanitation, and hygiene program has been a focus for numerous NGO’s in many developing world countries.

This semester Christians in Society (CIS) and the social justice group Working at Teaching Children Hope (WATCH) is organizing HDCH’s 2nd WATER WALKATHON on Wednesday, May 22nd. The money raised will go towards purchasing hand washing stations and family water filters for homes/communities in Nicaragua and Guatemala through World Renew’s WaSH program.

World Renew is going to set up an online sponsor page for this initiative and the plans are underway for this 3 to 6 KM walkathon around our campus. Students will have the opportunity to carry buckets of water in order to experience what it is like for so many women and children who walk several km/day to gather buckets of water for their families.

Our expert in the field prepared both the WATCH team and CIS class with an insightful presentation, sample water filter and revealed how each student can make a difference by getting involved in this PBL project at HDCH! Please keep this initiative in your prayers and consider sponsoring a student today for this event.

Blessings, Mrs.VanderVelde

Venture – Toyota Plant April 2019

Since its construction in 1988, the Toyota plant in Cambridge has produced over 8 million vehicles. Today, both the Rav 4 and Lexus are built there, in a production line that integrates automation, on-site part production as well as “just in time” delivery processes to produce a car in about a day.

Our Grade 10 Venture and Small Engines class toured the facility on April 8 and had a chance to see the state automotive manufacturing first hand. Students were impressed with the organization and efficiency of the plant, the plant’s size and scale (close to 3 million square feet combined), the orderly and intentional pace of employees working, its commitment to continually innovate and reduce waste, and the intentional use of robots and automation to improve employee performance and the ergonomics of many tasks.

Venture – Google Waterloo University

What might the workplaces and learning experiences of the future look like? Our Venture 10 and 11 classes take time each semester to go on “Reach Ahead” trips to gain first-hand experience of a range of post-secondary pathways.

The students toured Google’s Canada headquarters in Waterloo to find out how this innovative company provides a unique workplace culture for its 600 employees at this design and software development facility. We learned about some of their creative practices to develop teamwork and collaboration, the services they provide for employees, and some of the new products they are developing.

In the afternoon we toured the University of Waterloo campus to learn more about the range of post-secondary programs and opportunities, and some criteria to consider in evaluating and assessing post-secondary schools and training. We appreciated the warm reception of staff at both location and their effort in making our time interesting and informative and came home with many new insights to consider.

Danish Music Tour

Last week we welcomed 73 Danish singers into our community. It was AWESOME! All of the youth singers were hosted and housed by members of our community. As our choir debriefed the experience hosting and singing with these singers, some of the following highlights arose:

  • the Sankt Annae Gymnasium choir sang with clear diction and vowel uniformity, something that is inspiring to our choir
  • we enjoyed the social exchange because they were so friendly
  • the choir sang exciting, challenging, and professional music
  • the violinist was incredible; she played a full movement of a concerto from memory
  • many host families got their groups together to go laser tagging – about 40 people!
  • many of the Danes stayed up late into the night with our choristers talking about our faith and how evident it is that we truly live it out in all that we do, such as praying before meals, the meaning we communicated as we sang a spiritual “Steal Away,” and in how we interact with others.

Thank you, HD, for supporting this musical adventure. What an amazing opportunity for growth for our students! ~ Kasia Konstanty

Inside & Outside the Classroom

Phys Ed

Grade 11 Recreational Phys. Ed. students had a chance to go skating at the Chedoke Twin Pad Arena. Some students had a great deal of experience with skating while some had very little. The class had a great time learning together as the experts were able to help those who were just learning. The students played on-ice games that tested their speed, starting and stopping. It was a very healthy learning environment thanks to the cooperation of everyone!

Flying Squirrel
The Grade 11 Phys. Ed. class had a fantastic Bridge Day today.  We started off with a nice walk along Rymal Road heading toward the Flying Squirrel.  We arrived just in time to start our hour of jumping, dunking basketballs, balancing, jousting, flipping, and playing manhunt.  Great day for all!


Grade 10 English students went on a Hamilton Poetry Crawl. Students were challenged to notice how poetry is experienced in non-poetic contexts. We read John Terpstra’s “Giants” at Sam Lawrence Park, the site of inspiration for this poem. We then traveled on to Locke Street and took pictures of pieces of language that intrigued or inspired us. We’ll use this experience to create original pieces of poetry.


The Entrepreneurial Studies class traveled to the 541 Cafe and Eatery as part of their unit on Social Enterprise. The class visited the cafe to learn about how they are meeting a need in their local community, discover the origins of 541, and see the work of social enterprise in action.

Following this experience, students were tasked with their own project–the $100 Challenge–to look at a need they see within their own community and develop a plan to start to help meet that need. How would you use $100 to start to meet a community need?


Grade 9 French classes learned about the French tradition “Poisson d’avril” for le 1er avril, our April Fool’s Day. We worked on discerning a real French news article from a satirical one, and then we had our own poisson d’avril fun.

Writer’s Craft

The Writer’s Craft class will be putting out their yearly journal, and this year’s theme will be “Through The Seasons.” We will be accepting student entries based on change and the seasons up until the deadline of May 10. Entries can be short stories, poetry, or anything that catches your fancy. We will be announcing more details later.
Email with submissions or questions.


Grade 9 ArtsBlock Students shared their work on a gallery walk.

ChristianS in Society

The students in Christians in Society have been challenged to answer the driving question, How can I bring awareness and support to a social justice issue in our world today?

Isaiah Dreise, Vaunn Smith and Seth Verrips chose the Ontario Christian Gleaners as their mission to support by raising funds to purchase lentils at a bulk price to go into the dried soup mixes that the entire class will be putting together on their upcoming Bridge Day. These students ran the coat check at the March 30th Fundraiser and were grateful for the generosity of our community and the fundraising team at HDCH. Blessings abound!


Over the past two weeks, Grade 9 tech students in MegaBlock have had the chance to learn some design and tech skills from local experts.

One expert we were fortunate to learn from was professional Graphic Designer Adrianne Sprogis. She ran a workshop for us on how to create professional looking posters to convey important messages, and then gave individual students feedback on their poster designs for their Superhero App projects. It was amazing to learn from a pro, and the quality of our posters and learning increased!

A second expert we had in to run a workshop for us was Hank Rintjema, a professional photographer. Hank set up a gallery of his work to help us learn tips for taking better photos and more about the technical side of photography. He shared stories about being a professional photographer and let us explore some ‘old school’ photographic devices. We will use this learning in our upcoming Photography and Graphic Design rotations.

We are so thankful for community members like Mrs. Sprogis and Mr. Rintjema for investing their time, passions, and talents in our learning!!


Grade 10 science students dissected frogs to help us learn how God has created beings with structures designed for a specific purpose.


Grade 10 Science students spent their Bridge Day making their our own pinhole cameras. The students had to expose photo paper and develop it in a dark room. The images were finicky, but some turned out very well. This “bridges” our optics and chemistry units.

Preparing for Mary Poppins is a Jolly Good Time!

The HDCH musical is underway!

With only 6 weeks to go, the cast and crews are working hard to prepare for opening night. We’ve come a long way since November, and Mary Poppins is really coming together. The instrumental ensemble is hard at work and the pianist, James Naphtali, who has been accompanying our rehearsals for months, is keeping us in tune and making sure that we “Step in Time.”

Mary Poppins is about two bratty kids, Jane and Michael Banks, who get a shocking wake up call after a mysterious nanny comes to care for them. Mary Poppins and all her strange friends are quite magical and almost unreal, and they each take their turn to help teach Jane and Michael a lesson or two. Much to all the Banks’ surprise, Mary Poppins ends up teaching them all the real meaning of family.

I’ve been shadowing the Director, Mrs. Whetstone, since January for this HDCH musical, and I’ve seen great improvements from when everyone began rehearsal until now. One particular scene we’ve worked at is Act 1: Scene 4, Jolly Holiday. Everyone has worked so hard on this scene, and you can clearly tell! It is a combination of peppy singing, energetic choreography, and a colourful set. Trust me, this is one musical you won’t want to miss! –Vanessa Koens, Grade 9

Video Clip:
This video is a snippet of the scene when Jane and Michael go to the bank to see their father at work. It’s just a taste of the work that goes into getting a musical up and running, but we have fun too!

Back after the Break


There was a crime scene at HDCH this afternoon.  Grade 11 biology students had to cross police crime tape to enter their classroom.  As crime scene investigators for the day, they used their knowledge of genetics and blood typing to analyse forensic evidence including blood stains.  Suspects donated blood samples for comparison and they were able to answer the question, “Whodunnit?”.

Singing with Foreigner!

Hamilton District Christian School Choir was chosen to accompany the band Foreigner on their Hamilton tour stop at FirstOntario Centre.

Our group of students sang “I Want to Know What Love Is” with the popular 80’s band and rocked it. The band’s bass player, Jeff Pilson, spontaneously picked on one of choristers to finish off the song encouraging her to fire away onto his bass strings.

We were incredibly inspired by the skill and energy of Foreigner. Although an opportunity like this probably won’t come again anytime soon, we celebrate it and look forward to our upcoming performances.

Book Club – The Final Word

Some of you may know about the HD Book Club, and that every year, whoever reads at least five of the books and attends at least five meetings can attend The Final Word where we get to speak to one of the authors we read. This year it was Karen Bass, author of Two Times a Traitor.

What you may not know is just how huge this event is. Every year, we at HD get together with London, Toronto, Durham and Woodland Christian High Schools (who have been reading the same books as us) for this monumental event. Also we have heated (but still fun!) competitions relating to the books we’ve read over the past year.

We had pictures taken with Karen Bass and we had our books signed. At the end of the day we got to see which book was the favourite of all the Book Clubs – this year’s winner was R. J. Anderson’s Ultraviolet. To me, The Final Word really sums up what Book Club, and reading in general, is all about: giving us the chance to connect with each other on a deeper level on something that we all love.

By Nathan St. John, on behalf of the HDCH Book Club

Baking Cupcakes

The Foods Class spent their Bridge Day experimenting with recipes for the perfect cupcake for our Spring Fundraiser Raffle.  These cupcakes will be for sale at Eat, Give & Be Merry March 30th.  One cupcake has a golden coin hidden inside!  The raffle prize is a 2 night stay at Beach Tree Resort, a lakefront cottage in Wainfleet.

Lunar New Year Celebration

The Newcomer Committee helped host a Lunar New Year celebration and dinner for the parents and homestay families of international students who attend HDCH.  It was a fantastic evening.

Europe Trippers

Over the March Break, twenty-eight students and four teachers traveled to Europe for 10 days on the Vimy to Juno: A history of Canada in the World Wars tour.

We began the trip in Berlin, visiting a concentration camp, the Berlin War and Checkpoint Charlie. From there we traveled to the Groesbeek Candian War Museum and cemetery, Vimy Ridge, and Juno Beach. We also enjoyed tours of Berlin, Amsterdam, Ghent, and Paris.

On the way home, we had a two-hour layover in Dublin, Ireland on St. Patricks Day! It was a challenging trip full of moving experiences of remembrance, travel, souvenir shopping and great food including Gouda cheese and Belgian chocolates.

Math @Starbucks

Grade 11 Math students traveled to Starbucks since they have been learning about HST and making change.

Update before the Break

Basketball @ OFSAA

Congratulations to the Senior Boys for an awesome season and a great showing at OFSAA. In the end, they lost a very tight game in the consolation semifinals.

Math @MAC

Calculus students traveled to the McMaster University to participate in the Math@MAC annual event, led by math professor, Dr. Lovric.

At the event, students were exposed to some basic cryptology ideas and concepts and to practice encoding a message, as well as decoding a secret message. Students visited the James Stewart Building, checked out one of the largest lecture halls, and visited the engineering building and to see the iron ring. The event finished with a self-guided tour around the MAC campus.

HDCH Sings

The HDCH Choir is preparing for a very exciting season, starting with this Friday, March 8. Although that day begins March break for most of HD, our singers will be sharing the stage with none other than 80’s rock band “Foreigner,” singing their hit single, “I Want to Know What Love Is.” Want to check it out? By tickets online, and see you at First Ontario Concert Hall (formerly Hamilton Place) at 8:00 pm.

Looking ahead, the choir will be hosting a 70-member youth choir from Denmark from April 9 – 11. We will share a concert on Wednesday, April 10 at Melrose United Church located at Locke St & Homewood Avenue at 7:00 pm. These teenage singers are hoping to be hosted by our community, so if you are interested in billeting two or more students, please see the attached document for more information and to fill out a google form.

Hosting for Choir Youth >>

On Sunday, April 28 at 2:00 pm we are once again at Melrose United Church, this time singing part of a concert as a token of thanks from the Duet Club of Hamilton. Members from this group attended our Christmas concert a few months ago and awarded us with a scholarship. We have been recognizing as an excellent high school choral group. Congratulations, singers!

To wrap things up, we participate in the annual Ontario Christian High School Choral Festival (OCHSCF). This year Heritage School is hosting. The concert will be May 3 at 7:30 p.m. at Calvary Gospel Church, 89 Scott Street, St. Catharines. Tickets are $5/students, $10/adults, $30/family.

We hope that you can come out to hear us!

Europe Trip

From the Code of Hammurabi in the Louvre, to the lingering effects of nationalism in Western Europe, from remembrance to reconciliation, from unspeakable atrocities to masterpieces that celebrate creativity, this March Break Europe trip spans the historical, cultural, social and political forces that have shaped European culture over millenia. Our Europe Trippers leave this week for an unforgettable adventure.

Lunar New Year, SOSSA & More

Lunar New Year

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Food & Nutrition class planned, prepared and pan-fried 750+ dumplings for the school community to enjoy on Tuesday, February 5th.

The ESL joined our class on Monday afternoon to help assemble the dumplings while the entire group was blessed by Mrs. Alice Muramaki’s skill and expertise in teaching us the proper technique and skill for this outreach project.

The highlights shared by the for the Food’s students included

  • having so many staff and students returning for seconds
  • the students who were skeptical about the dumplings responding to how delicious they were
  • the opportunity to make these from scratch on Friday together to learn each step of the process

It was a blessing to celebrate this occasion with this project to share with the entire school.
P. VanderVelde  

Ski & Snowboard Team


Our Ski/Snowboard team enjoyed a fantastic day of SOSSA competition at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone. Congratulations to all the competitors!

Our athletes earned a First (Justin Sawyer) & Second place (Evan Roque) in the individual boy’s high school snowboard division. Jolene Witvoet earned 2nd in the individual girl’s high school snowboard division.

Our Boy’s Snowboard team was First school overall.  Both Girls and Boys Ski teams- were each third overall.

There are two race events coming up …

Ontario High School Boardercross Championships
Wednesday, Feb 27 @ Craigleith Ski Club. 
Evan Roque, Justin Sawyer,  Michael Farrugia, and Jolene Witvoet will be competing.

OFSAA Snowboard Festival Slalom Races
Thursday, Feb 28 @ Georgian Peaks Ski Club 
Run 1 is at 9:15 and Run 2 is at 12:45.

Evan Roque, Justin Sawyer, Michael Farrugia, Wesley Van Dixhoorn, Lucas dos Santos, Braden VanWingerden and Jolene Witvoet will be racing.

Boys Hockey Tournament

Congratulations to the Boys A Hockey Team for a solid performance at yesterday’s HCHS Tournament. The team rebounded after losing Andrew E. to a knee dislocation and came from behind to eliminate Guido in overtime in the semis.

In the finals, a back and forth match, with chances to win occurring right up to the final buzzer, ended in an overtime loss to London.


MegaBloc students had their entry event for their upcoming “Sharing Beauty Project.” The entry event involved a fun design challenge, where they had to work with their project groups to complete a design challenge using minimal materials to build a tower to hold a marshmallow.

Students will be challenged to be creative in design as they work together in these groups for the project. Stay tuned to hear more about the “Sharing Beauty Project.”

Senior Girls VolleyBall

The Senior Girls Volleyball Team will compete this Friday (Feb 22) at SOSSA at Cayuga Secondary School.