Athletics & Bridge Days

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The try-outs are done, the practises have been completed, and the exhibition matches played out.  Now it is time for the regular season to begin for the Knight’s sports teams!  Girls basketball, boys volleyball, and cross country are all beginning their seasons this week.  Check out the athletics calendar on Edsby for future practises, games, and tournaments.

Senior Boys Volleyball
The start to the season has been good.  The team is working hard on reading cues, being in the right position and communicating with each other.  They hope to be one of the stronger teams in the city and really hope to eventually go back to OFSAA.  This will take hard work as it means they need to get by a strong Guido team to get to SOSSA and then win the SOSSA Championships (which HDCH is hosting on November 15 ). The boys have played very well in our first two days of volleyball and they look forward to playing in a tournament at Eden on Thursday.

Junior Boys Volleyball
The Junior Boys came second in the tournament winning a tight match in the semi-final against Smithville. Calvin MacLaren serving an ace to win the match was a highlight.  Upcoming, we start regular season this week with tournaments on the 12th and 19th.

Senior Girls Basketball
The Senior Girls had a good tournament last week.  The team implemented their new offense and press defenses well, winning their first two games  In an intense final, they lost by 4. The team will face off against Henderson tonight at 3:30 here @HDCH. Come out and cheer them on.

Junior Girls Basketball
The Junior Girls team is shaping up well this season with a solid core of returning players, and a good athletic group of new grade nines. They played their first league game on Monday and lost a heart-breaker in overtime, 31-26. The team played well but realized there’s a lot to work on. This Friday the team has a tournament at HDCH. Come on out and cheer on the team!

Cross Country
Yesterday, fifteen cross country team members headed to Waterloo for the OCSSAA Christian school meet, our first race of the season. Although this is not a qualifying meet, it is always fun to compete against our fellow Christian schools. Runners had to conserve energy for the pre-OFSAA run at Christie Lake today. The Christie Lake race is valuable for our athletes to learn the course before the City Meet where they can qualify for SOSSA. All of the meets going forward take place at Christie Lake, including OFSAA, so the team is looking forward to competing on home turf.  Most of our team are junior boys and girls, with Ethan Summerhays, a previous OFSAA competitor, running as our only senior. It’s going to be a great season!

Club and Team Fair
All clubs and teams were invited to host a booth and share information about how students can get involved in what they do.

We had a great variety of activities represented from the Hockey, Ski & Snowboard, and Lacrosse team booths, to our annual Christmas Tree project from the art department, to Costume Crew for our upcoming musical, to our bible immersion program Deeper, to our outreach club WATCH, to Student Council, to Book Club, to the Student Ambassador Team, to a variety of music ensembles, to yearbook, to assembly team.

We are excited about the variety of teams and clubs students can join and how they help build community and create belonging.

We hope all students are able to find something they enjoy to be involved in. If students have any follow up questions they are encouraged to connect with the staff sponsor for the club or team.

Macbeth Rap Throwdown
Grade 11 English students are extending their understanding of a literary text (Macbeth) by imagining the characters in a very different context by writing and performing a rap. These adaptations are interesting because they create a collision of cultures. These unlikely pairings are interesting precisely because they are so unexpected and creative.

International Business
Grade 12 International Business students participated in a university-style lecture designed and presented to us by the Chair of the Business programme, Professor Laurie Busuttil at Redeemer University College. Professor Busuttil spoke to the students about business ethics, the importance of knowing what you want to do and knowing who you want to be, and how we can align those concepts through Christian principles.

The class attended chapel where they heard from Mario Matos, executive director of CTM (Centre for Transforming Missions) in the Dominican Republic who spoke to us about the significance of mapping the hurt, hope, and heart of communities and countries we work in and the call of Christians to help others.

The Food & Nutrition class utilized locally grown organic vegetables to serve fresh homemade salsa, bake fresh pumpkin cake with a cream cheese icing, several chocolate zucchini cakes, and banana muffins for the Grade 9 Parent Evening. Utilizing newly learned cake decorating skills the students iced these cakes including a three-layered ombre cake for our guests to enjoy. Each new cooking lab incorporates different culinary skills.

The Food & Nutrition Class had the opportunity to learn about the vision, goals and outreach that Cafe 541 is providing for the Hamilton community. With an empty button jar that morning, the students were able to assist with the vision of supporting those in need. Following 541 the class travelled to Nations in Jackson Square to complete an authentic culinary challenge by shopping for the ingredients for a meal, learning about marketing strategies, finding specific items and selecting items for our course. An opportunity to expand our knowledge, learn from this experience and explore downtown Hamilton.

The Grade 10 English class went to Sam Lawrence Park to hear “Giants”, a poem by John Terpstra based on that location. The trip kicked off an exploration of poetry for the class.

The Introductory Kinesiology class had their first “Focus Friday” this past week. The class set out to determine whether or not pedometers (step counters) have a positive influence on an individual’s health. As a group, we worked collaboratively to gather research and data that we shared with each other. In the end, we did not arrive at a consensus as the individual opinions were split. Up next, our class will be investigating the prominent joints of the human body.

Grade 9 science classes traveled to Princess Point to observe the Fishway that is part of the ongoing Stewardship projects of RBG. The RBG interpreter was on hand to explain how the Fishway is a physical barrier that is effective in keeping invasive Carp out of Cootes Paradise.  The grade 9 classes have been studying sustainable ecosystems and the detrimental effect that invasive species have on them.  Cootes Paradise is a beautiful wetland in our city that has been badly damaged by sewage overflow and invasive species.

“My highlight of the trip was watching the fish sorted at the fishway “
~ Christopher N.

The grade 10 French class is using their knowledge of French food vocabulary and conversation to complete the Masterchef challenge. The challenge includes using French recipes and presenting the delicious food in French.

Today, grade 11 students are learning about Pascal’s triangle and how the numbers generated in this triangle are related to and can be used in the binomial expansion.

Sierpinski triangle is another cool thing that can be done with Pascal’s triangle by colouring or removing all the odd numbers and leave all the even numbers. This process can be continued forever (fractal), resulting in 0 area but an infinite perimeter.


The Introduction to Accounting class played Monopoly today, recording all transactions affecting their financial position on worksheets.  After the game ends, students will record their info in ledgers, create a Trial Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet.  The winner will be the one who has the greatest increase in capital.  The real challenge is to have your physical cash count match your `Bank`balance in your ledger.

Grade 11 parenting students visited the pregnancy support services of Hamilton today.

A Great Start

Check out what’s going on inside and outside the classroom at Hamilton District Christian High


Extra-curricular activities and clubs are getting into full swing, keep an eye on Edsby’s School Talk group for details.


Grade 10 Math Students created SOHCAHTOA posters. This is a way of remembering how to compute the sine, cosine, and tangent of an angle.

Our Gr11 Art students traveled to Smokey Hollow in Waterdown for a guided tour with an ecologist and learned about the fragile bio-diversity of this area.

Grade 11 PhysEd students are enjoying the summer weather on the beach for their sport-specific class. What a beautiful day!

Law class spent the morning observing a civil jury trial. The plaintiff was suing for damages resulting from a motor vehicle accident that caused injury and impacted her ability to work. We watched the cross-examination of the plaintiff. While the court was recessed, Justice Milanetti (the presiding judge at the trial), spoke to us and answered our questions.

It was a great day on the course for students trying out for the Golf Team.

Less than two weeks into school and grade 9 students are making some amazing things in Mr. VanderWier’s MegaBlock section.

Grade 9 MegaBloc students completed the Marshmallow Challenge. This is a simple team-building exercise that involves dry spaghetti, one metre of tape and a marshmallow. Who can build the tallest tower with these ingredients?

Grade 11 parenting class had a visit from Mrs. Anneke Gretton and 2-month-old Clara to help answer some of the students’ questions.

The Food & Nutrition class has been busy canning homemade salsa again this semester. A special thanks to the Boehm family for harvesting fresh organic vegetables from Struyk Farm.

Nine new international students along with the newcomer’s committee students enjoyed a special, fun day to help welcome them to HDCH. Beginning with devotions in the gym with the grade 9’s, ELL students enjoyed icebreakers and team building games in the cafeteria and then we went go-karting.

After a picnic lunch at Bayfront Park with the grade 9-day students, they returned to HDCH for an orientation session, where everyone shared stories of culture shock and travel and talked about strategies for success while away from home. Water balloon launching and bowling following finishing the day with at BBQ at HDCH.

Grade 9 Day
Our Grade 9s enjoyed a day that was all about them. After some fun and games on the soccer field, the students headed out to different locations around the city to help out at  Mission Services, The Dream Centre, The Good Shepherd, and City Kidz. Their hard work of sorting food, cleaning buses and harvesting vegetables was sincerely appreciated by all each organization.

After a picnic lunch at Pier 4, they headed off for an afternoon of go-karting, bowling, a scavenger hunt, and water balloon launching. It was so great to see the students and their parents out to finish the day with a BBQ and slide show.  It is our hope that new friendships were formed and that the students feel part of great grade 9 class!


ArtsBlock students visited the Hamilton Art Gallery for a painting workshop. The class learned about landscapes in the gallery,  had a very informative tour,  saw an amazing exhibit of photographs by Vivian Maier, and had a live painting workshop. What a full morning!


Today we had some guests of Edudeo (leaders and educators from Haiti, Dominican Republic and Burkina Faso) visiting HDCH.  As Francophones, they naturally gravitated first toward French classes.  They spent time engaging with Grade 10’s on the passé composé, and then listened to the Grade 11’s learning about Ontarian Francophones.

They couldn’t resist singing along with a French Ontarian song that Ms. Vos played for the class.  They then toured the rest of the school, fascinated to see both the facilities and the learning that was happening in our building.

September Start

Christians in Society
On the second day back to school, the HRE33 class celebrated a birthday while planning outreach plans for this semester. The Christians in Society class have started collaborating their ideas on ways to facilitate a workshop with Jeremy Benjamin at HDCH this fall (more on this later). We also talked about our annual milk campaign for N2N and how they might be able to get involved within our broader community. It is exciting to work with our HD youth as they brainstorm, plan and encourage each other. ~ Blessings, PVanderVelde 

Recently we had a visit from our friends at K9 Klub Dog Daycare. They wanted some great back to school photos and we had a lot of fun visiting with them.