Exceptional Learning


As the brisk air comes rolling in, so too does the second season of sports at HDCH. But not before two final weeks of boys volleyball wraps up! Both the junior and senior boys teams have advanced to the city finals this year! Both teams still have SOSSA and OFSAA hopes still alive at this point in the season.

The winter season begins with boys basketball, girls volleyball, and boys hockey all starting up this week! Check out the athletics calendar for more information regarding try-outs. Go Knights Go!


Jessica Heidbuurt (class of ’15) visited the Introductory Kinesiology class. She has recently graduated from Mohawk College in both the Recreational Therapy and Health, Wellness, and Fitness programs.

Jess spoke to the class about how her experience at HD helped her navigate life after high school. She also shared about the challenges of program selection and how to succeed at the post-secondary level. Jessica’s willingness to openly share the highs and lows of life after high school was meaningful for the students, many of whom will face similar challenges as they prepare for post-secondary education.

Sculpture & Printmaking

The grade 11 Sculpture and Printmaking class has been experimenting with hand-building techniques for their pottery projects. Many students have chosen to make Christmas gifts for family and friends as a way to get familiar with clay. If you know a student in this class, you might get a beautiful and unique stocking stuffer!


Sharing Beauty projects are taking shape in the woodshop. Students are also learning about programming, Graphic design, and photography.


Two separate teams of students from the Food & Nutrition program planned, prepared, and served a three-course meal to judges on staff for their Bridge Day.

The 3-Course menu plans included: A Christmas Banquet that started with an appetizer of a Merry Berry Salad with Homemade French bread followed by the Main Entree of stuffed ‘ducken’, mashed potatoes, organic butternut squash, and beet puree and the choice of duck and/or chicken gravy. The final dessert was a baked Merry Berry baked Cheesecake.

The second 3-Course menu plan was an Italian Feast with Freshly made Bruschetta on Homemade French Bread to start, followed by a Homemade pasta served with a homemade Chicken Alfredo and fresh Italian Salad. This meal ended with Zuppa Inglese which is a delicious Italian trifle.

This experience provided students to focus on the various aspects of food preparation as everything was from scratch to proper foodservice and final clean up. The teams were thankful for our authentic judges who added that element of competition and feedback to complete this project!

Christian in Society & WATCH

As the snow has begun to fall, the Christians in Society Class and WATCH group have started three interconnecting campaigns to support those in need this winter!

Winter Items
As a school community, we are collecting WINTER coats, jackets, hats, mitts, scarves, boots, blankets, tote bags, knapsacks, and purses! The winter items will be divided between The Dream Centre in Hamilton and Blessings in a Bag. The Dream Centre is in such need they are arriving here on Friday to pick up our first load of donated items. As you get your winter wear out please consider donating to our front foyer display.

Purses for Purpose
The Purses for Purpose campaign incorporates filling a purse to be donated to the same causes. Please send in any gently used purses. We are also collecting hotel-sized toiletries, lip balm, tampons, combs, brush, toothpaste, and dental floss to fill the purses. We hope that through these three local campaigns we can make a difference within our city this winter.