In and Out of the Classroom

Business Class Fun Fest
The grade 11 Business class held an HDCH Fun Fest for the whole school. The goal of the fair was to raise funds for Café 541.  Students planned, marketed, and led a variety of events which resulted in good fun for all who participated.  Events ranged from Mario Kart and ping pong tournaments to mini-golf, ring toss, giant Jenga,  and more. Over eleven events were held and a total of $263.00 was raised to help the clientele of Café 541.

Christian In Society & WATCH
From October 8th – 28th, the Christians in Society Class in conjunction with the WATCH group ran another Non-Food-Food Drive Campaign for Neighbour2Neighbour. At our Thanksgiving assembly, the Manager of Emergency Food Services, Charlotte Redekop-Young shared how this campaign builds on our theme of belonging. This initiative helps our neighbours to feel the support needed at this time in their lives.

Our team used 12 days of school to generate interest, support and collect funds for this campaign. As team leaders we focused on coordinating this campaign and looking back I, (Tianna) felt “with a goal of $5,000 it was such a blessing to see the money coming in as we had a huge target to reach and so it was positive to tabulate the daily results.” While I (Kara), “personally enjoyed the spotlight days as this added a sense of competition to the campaign and students gave generously on these days.” For myself (Alexa), “being able to reach our target goal was a true highlight as we exceeded this on the final day of the campaign!

Overall we are thankful for the results and we are looking forward to celebrating the final results at the next FM@HD. Thanks again to everyone who donated to this local cause to support our neighbours!

Blessings,  Alexa Neubrand, Kara DeJong and  Tianna Veld 

Congratulations to our 16 cross country runners for an amazing performance at SOSSA. A special congratulations to Ethan Summerhays for qualifying to OFSAA X-Country! He will run in Sudbury on Saturday, Nov. 2.

Québec Trip
Grade 11 and 12 French students had the opportunity to explore a part of Canada’s language and culture in-depth during a four-day trip to Québec City. There we visited landmarks such as Chateau Frontenac, the Plains of Abraham, and Parliament. We also visited many significant cultural and historical locations such as Montgomery Falls, and a Martello Tower.

This trip also served to kick our knowledge, understanding, and ability to use the French language into high gear, as we were tasked with everyday experiences like buying a book or ordering a meal, in French. In addition, the guides were asked to speak to us in French as much as possible.

I think that what most surprised us on this trip was the way in which the old city of Quebec was both different and similar to what we were familiar with. A lot of what we did and saw during this trip did look different and sound different, and many things definitely were different. But at the same time, it was surprising to see a lot of common ground; like enjoying the same fast food and media.  I think we will all be waiting on the edge of our seats for next year’s trip to Montreal. ~ Nathan St. John

Delicious crêpes and a typical québécois meal at a sugar shack were highlights of this culture-rich experience.

WWI History at Ruthven Park
The entire grade 10 class attended a World War 1 Education Day at Ruthven Park with Andy Robertshaw, historian, broadcaster, and educator. Andy Robertshaw is a world-renowned military historian whose work has led him to many experiences in film and television. He was an engaging speaker for students and discussed life in the trenches and its impact on soldiers. From Andy Robertshaw and other historians at Ruthven Park, we were able to see and hold some historical artefacts (real and replicas) from The Great War, including shrapnel, artillery shells, weapons, gas masks, uniforms, mess kits, and first aid supplies.

Christians in Society and World Religion
Christians in Society and World Religion classes joined to participate in a Blanket Exercise performed by an Indigenous minister who shared her personal experience in relation to being an Indigenous Canadian as well as her faith journey that led her to Jesus Christ.

Standing on blankets that represented North America we were able to gain a wealth of knowledge about our relationship, treaties and the different effects that we now face as Canadians. We learned about the initial influence of European arrival to this region, colonization and the misrepresentation of ‘sharing’ in regard to treaties.

In a circle at the end, students shared what they learned which covered a wide range of information over the century right up to the present day with the information presented throughout the morning. It was an effective way to share in this experience together as the learning, understanding, and growth was evident in the process.

Grade 12 English students took part of their Bridge Day to make progress on their ISU reading. With a big deadline looming, students felt the need to get cozy for their “snuggle up and read” Bridge Day activity, which was a wonderful opportunity to slow the pace down while still getting some serious reading accomplished!

Vocals Class
Thirty students from HDCH saw a performance of Mozart’s outrageous comedy Don Giovanni at the Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto. This performance was staged by Opera Atelier, one of the world’s leading presenters of historically-informed opera. For most of the students, this was their first exposure to live opera. The evening was a fun, eye-opening, and memorable experience.