Class News


The Grade 12 English class has created Instructable How-to Guides to teach a variety of skills, from making pasta to starting a snowmobile. They have also created an Instagram account to advertise their Instructables, which can be found here:


Grade 10 history students visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. The students learned how to send and receive messages in Morse Code and rivet together parts of planes. They also learned about rationing in Great Britain during WW2 and the how London was defended using radar during the Blitz. The class had a close up look at the Lancaster airplane, the most prominent Allied bomber during the war.


Venture students visit Westinghouse HQ McCallum Sather.
How could you restore one of the landmark buildings in Hamilton’s Barton Village neighbourhood, and make it attractive for occupants in 2019?

That was the challenge facing McCallum Sather architects, engineers, and designers a couple of years ago when they took on the project to restore the 100-year-old Westinghouse headquarters, a seven-story building that had sat unused for twenty years. Our Grade 10 Venture class had the opportunity to hear this story, tour part of the building, and learn about careers related to interior design, architecture, and engineering that all played a role in renovating this iconic building and its unique historic features. Thanks to Kevin, Sophie, and Cecilia for taking us around and hosting a great Reach Ahead trip last week.


Forty students from grade 9 Geography traveled to Cayuga to present their Hagersville Livable City projects to Haldimand County planners and councilors. Students had worked over the past 6 weeks to research Hagersville, to tour the town, to study the long-term goals of Hagersville and Haldimand, and to develop designs that reflected the Urban Design guidelines for the County.

Five groups shared their proposals which included a bakery, a dog park, a retirement home, and a commercial and residential apartment complex. Each group had a least one member who was a resident of Haldimand County, allowing them to speak personally about their needs and desires as a citizen in the area.

We would like to thank Haldimand County who invested in our students over the past six weeks, visiting the school to invite our students to participate, and then answering student e-mails as they navigated their proposals.

Likewise, the feedback from the staff was incredibly encouraging, stating that “If these students are the future, we are in good hands.” They also noted that our students’ focus on community and the needs of citizens was very strong, and any presentation done for the County could benefit from the students’ perspective. It has been a privilege to watch our students learn and grow during this project, as they increased their understanding about the beauty and the complexities of creating more livable cities.

Computer Science

Last year’s grade 12 Computer Science class created the game and GPS enabled walking tour for Westfield Heritage Village. Westfield and other conservation areas wanted to continue to work with us on future projects.

This year, the Westfield location has changed some of their hours of operation, and they want to be more accessible for all guests. These pictures and videos are of the first face to face meeting, tour, and scouting of the locations. The group has already started to make the changes, and hopefully, this game will be operational before school ends.

Entrepreneurial Studies

This semester, grade 11 Business students (Entrepreneurial Studies), have been working on developing their own business concepts and ideas and turning those into business plans.

The class business plans were entered into the E.R. Monaco Business Plan Writing Competition through the Hamilton Economic Development office Small Business Enterprise Centre. Business plans were screened for key content areas and then put through a marking system.

Plans were marked by a panel including a local lawyer, a staff member from Mohawk College, and a representative from the City of Hamilton. Following the marking, the top 20 plans have been put through to the finals. Our students submitted some excellent work, and four of their plans (6 student entrepreneurs) are finalists in this competition.

On the evening of June 11th, Grade 11 students Klara Neven, Valerie VanDixhoorn, Levi Stratford, Connor Stronks, Julian Vanlandschoot, and Aaron Germain will attend the competition finals where the top 5 business plans will be awarded.


MegaBloc students have been busy finishing up their group projects this semester. Their project involves sharing beauty with our broader community by building planters for their homes, businesses, and organizations. We have 17 community partners who will be adopting our beautiful planters.
Students have created this from vision board, through AutoCAD plans, to mini-to-scale foam core prototypes, improving plans and AutoCAD based on self,  peer, and teacher feedback, and finally into the woodshop to building! We have worked hard through this design process and have come up with unique and well-constructed planters, to share beauty across our communities.