Celebration as Blessing

Once, when I was a teenager, I was told that I could be a blessing to others. At the time that concept didn’t make sense to me. I had grown up mistakenly thinking that I was to receive a blessing. I had never considered that I could, in turn, be a blessing. Well, since hearing that phrase I have continued to think about ways in which I can be a blessing. How can I bless others so that they, in turn, can bless others? It’s a simple concept learned at a young age, and yet it has become a lifelong consideration.

One of the ways that we can be a blessing to others is by celebrating them. Psychologist Kurt Thompson suggests that the act of celebration is a form of participation in building the Kingdom of God. Thompson proposes that when we make something and present it to someone that we love, the loved one’s response is significant to how we feel about our work and about ourselves. For example, if I write a poem and share it with someone I love, their response doesn’t only determine how I feel about the poem, but also how I feel about myself and whether I will write another poem. A celebration of my poem by my loved one might actually encourage me to write another poem — or maybe several.

With this impact of celebration in mind, I encourage you to come on out tomorrow between 7 and 9 pm and celebrate your child’s work at our Spring Celebration of Learning. Check out the student projects and performances, see what amazing learning is happening at HDCH every day. Come and Celebrate with us, and be a blessing to your child — and to someone else’s as well.

I look forward to seeing you around.

Be well.