Post-secondary Info Night

Post-secondary application process information evening for Grade 11 parents & students

This evening event, hosted by the HDCH Student Services staff, is designed to help parents (and students!) navigate the sometimes confusing process of post-secondary planning and application.

It’s not too early!
Most students begin their applications in November-December, and many scholarship application processes begin even earlier. That’s just six to seven months away! Even though your sons and daughters are still in grade 11, this is the perfect time to begin the research process.


Please note: This is a “big-sky” planning and researching event primarily designed for grade 11 parents, and is good preparation for our more practical, hands-on fall session (in mid-October) that is designed for grade 12 parents who want help through the actual application process.

Join us
Bring your questions, and join us for a lively and informative discussion! Join us in the library.

Refreshments will be provided.