May Days

May days at HDCH are quite something. May is a busy month in the life cycle of our school year. Nearly two-thirds of our student body is engaged in an extra-curricular activity, and this is on top of all the curricular elements going on. There seems to be a class trip, a sporting event, or a performance of some sort every day. Just last week was: The Milestone Meal, The Membership Meeting, our Ministry of Education Inspection, the Mary Poppins musical, and Christian School Soccer tournament… and I am certain I am missing some. Each of these events are important and it takes a significant investment of energy to pull them off to the high standard we have set for ourselves. And we believe that working towards these various happenings helps us accomplish our mission, to cultivate character through learning for a life of service to God.

In the midst of this May goodness and fullness — and even as we know there is much more good work to be done before the end of the year — our community is navigating grief. Our students and staff came together Monday morning to acknowledge that a couple of our members have experienced significant losses recently. And we know that other members of our community are dealing with serious health issues in their families. It was good to be together and to mourn with those who mourn. It was good to pray together to our God, who sees and knows our joys and sorrows, and who has given us each other for comfort and support.

Last week, when the Inspector for the Ministry of Education was wrapping up her visit with the Leadership Team, she left us with a high compliment. She said, “This school is an exemplary school of learning and assessment.” As a school community, we can be proud of our exceptional staff, and of our students and their learning. What a Ministry Inspector doesn’t look for, however, is the character of our students and the strength of our community of faith. It is in difficult days, such as these, that we are reminded of the exemplary the care and the strong relationships we have at HDCH.

Well done, HDCH. Strength to us all as we aim to finish well to the end of the season.

Be well.