Spring Into Membership

As the buds begin to break the shackles of winter, we are reminded that we serve a faithful God who is revealed to us season after season, year after year.

With the reverence of Good Friday and the bursting forth of Easter Sunday still in close in our rearview mirrors, we drive forward into the hope of living in a life of the resurrection.

We also acknowledge and know that God reveals himself through the seasons of our life and the seasons of the school’s life. And this year has been no different, as the Principal of HDCH, I am excited to share that our mission is alive and well and our students and that these children are blessed every day by the learning that happens within our four walls.

I continue to be impressed with the staff at HDCH as we continue to develop in our ability to make a Christian life and worldview into something that sticks with our students. I am impressed by how our teachers call our children to learn more about themselves, about God’s good creation, and about how they can respond to that creation. Projects, assignments, conversations, observations, all of these are part of a day of learning for a student at HDCH. And all of these individual experiences and events are framed within the context that we are characters in God’s grand story for Creation. Our work at HDCH is to uncover the gifts of our students through their learning so that they might see their place in God’s grand Story.

Pray for us as well keep at this mission, pray for us as we continue to cultivate character through learning so that our students ultimately serve God in all that they do.

I look forward to seeing you at the Membership Meeting on May 6th as we make decisions that will forward this mission, like voting on the 2019-2020 budget. We will also be sharing our plan for funding our Campus Renewal Project. The Board and leadership of HDCH covet your attendance and input; we hope you’ll join us to learn more about this plan that has a significant impact on our future.

Be well.