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Bridge Day Culinary Experience- Two teams of students planned, prepared and served two creative 3- Course Meals to 8 judges on their Bridge Day. A Tour through Europe started in Holland with homemade bitterboellen, then off to Italy for freshly made chicken parmesan, on sauteed aubergine with homemade marinara sauce and served on homemade pasta noodles. The tour continued into France with fresh crepes that were filled with a variety of fresh fruit, freshly whipped cream and chocolate drizzle for dessert. This meal was accompanied by a Swiss-inspired homemade hot chocolate and whipped cream.

The 60’s Diner menu included homemade loaded potato soup with a fresh homemade dinner roll. The main was a stuffed slider on a homemade hot cross bun and a side of eggplant fries. The eggplant fries came with freshly made tzatziki sauce. Dessert was a classic 60’s diner fresh baked mini apple pie and whipped cream on time. The meal was accompanied with a homemade vanilla bean milkshake and flavoured water.

The two teams worked well together in the kitchen focusing on making everything from scratch to suit their theme, budget and skill level. It was a close culinary competition but the 60’s diner earned the Master Chef title.


Joosung Kim earned a gold medal while Hayley earned a silver medal at the City championships. Competing at SOSSA in Pelham Ontario includes Hayley Jonker midget girls singles, Joosung Kim midget boys singles and Braden Van Wingerden and  Aiden Zimmerman in junior boys doubles. Go Knights!

The Junior and Senior teams participated well at OCSSAA.

Computer Science

Watch the Grade 11 Computer Science Student Lego Battlebots finals!