Seasons of Change

As the buds begin to break the frozen shackles of winter, we are reminded that we serve a faithful God who is revealed to us season after season, year after year. As the seasons change, we see how God reveals himself through Creation. We also know that God reveals himself to us through the seasons of our lives and the seasons of life of Hamilton District Christian High School.

As many of you know, we are entering a season of change at the leadership level for HDCH. If you haven’t already you might want to click here to read the Memo set to the membership on behalf of the Board.

These leadership changes bring more changes, new roles and responsibilities to fill. Pray for the leadership of HDCH to discern as we go through this next season of assigning people to the new roles at HDCH. We do all of this work knowing that as a community, we serve a faithful God, a God so faithful that He sent his son to die on the cross for us so that we might have life. This life is for us to live in the fullness of his glory.

This coming weekend, we will encounter both the reverent grief of Good Friday and the joyful bursting-forth of Easter Sunday. We will be reminded that living in the moment of our seasoned lives is means that, while at times we experience grief, ultimately we are called to be a people of the resurrection.

May we all be filled with this hope and life this Easter weekend.