Classrooms This Week


Grade 9 French students spent time sharing Routine posters that they made for CCS students to be more exposed to French in daily routines at school. They also were an audience for the CCS students as they practiced their class plays.

Poetry Crawl

Grade 10 students have been working on noticing poetry as words forming art. We’ve done a Poetry Crawl in Hamilton, worked with  Popsonnets and poetic devices, and we welcomed Redeemer’s Deborah Bowen to our class for bridge day today to talk about her Poetry in Ecology Project.


Congratulations to the entire Midget Badminton team for a great day on the court on Friday, April 5th at Waterdown HighSchool. The entire team competed well playing their best badminton of the season to date. Every player advanced well into the tournament making it into the top four spots. It was impressive to see how well these athletes represented our school with integrity, sportsmanship, and skill.

Christians in Society | WATCH

On Friday, March 29th, Mrs. Bula from World Renew came to HDCH to shed light on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals with a focus on Goal #6 which aims to provide clean water and sanitation on a global scale. Stemming from an initiative starting in 1990, this WaSH: clean water, sanitation, and hygiene program has been a focus for numerous NGO’s in many developing world countries.

This semester Christians in Society (CIS) and the social justice group Working at Teaching Children Hope (WATCH) is organizing HDCH’s 2nd WATER WALKATHON on Wednesday, May 22nd. The money raised will go towards purchasing hand washing stations and family water filters for homes/communities in Nicaragua and Guatemala through World Renew’s WaSH program.

World Renew is going to set up an online sponsor page for this initiative and the plans are underway for this 3 to 6 KM walkathon around our campus. Students will have the opportunity to carry buckets of water in order to experience what it is like for so many women and children who walk several km/day to gather buckets of water for their families.

Our expert in the field prepared both the WATCH team and CIS class with an insightful presentation, sample water filter and revealed how each student can make a difference by getting involved in this PBL project at HDCH! Please keep this initiative in your prayers and consider sponsoring a student today for this event.

Blessings, Mrs.VanderVelde

Venture – Toyota Plant April 2019

Since its construction in 1988, the Toyota plant in Cambridge has produced over 8 million vehicles. Today, both the Rav 4 and Lexus are built there, in a production line that integrates automation, on-site part production as well as “just in time” delivery processes to produce a car in about a day.

Our Grade 10 Venture and Small Engines class toured the facility on April 8 and had a chance to see the state automotive manufacturing first hand. Students were impressed with the organization and efficiency of the plant, the plant’s size and scale (close to 3 million square feet combined), the orderly and intentional pace of employees working, its commitment to continually innovate and reduce waste, and the intentional use of robots and automation to improve employee performance and the ergonomics of many tasks.

Venture – Google Waterloo University

What might the workplaces and learning experiences of the future look like? Our Venture 10 and 11 classes take time each semester to go on “Reach Ahead” trips to gain first-hand experience of a range of post-secondary pathways.

The students toured Google’s Canada headquarters in Waterloo to find out how this innovative company provides a unique workplace culture for its 600 employees at this design and software development facility. We learned about some of their creative practices to develop teamwork and collaboration, the services they provide for employees, and some of the new products they are developing.

In the afternoon we toured the University of Waterloo campus to learn more about the range of post-secondary programs and opportunities, and some criteria to consider in evaluating and assessing post-secondary schools and training. We appreciated the warm reception of staff at both location and their effort in making our time interesting and informative and came home with many new insights to consider.

Danish Music Tour

Last week we welcomed 73 Danish singers into our community. It was AWESOME! All of the youth singers were hosted and housed by members of our community. As our choir debriefed the experience hosting and singing with these singers, some of the following highlights arose:

  • the Sankt Annae Gymnasium choir sang with clear diction and vowel uniformity, something that is inspiring to our choir
  • we enjoyed the social exchange because they were so friendly
  • the choir sang exciting, challenging, and professional music
  • the violinist was incredible; she played a full movement of a concerto from memory
  • many host families got their groups together to go laser tagging – about 40 people!
  • many of the Danes stayed up late into the night with our choristers talking about our faith and how evident it is that we truly live it out in all that we do, such as praying before meals, the meaning we communicated as we sang a spiritual “Steal Away,” and in how we interact with others.

Thank you, HD, for supporting this musical adventure. What an amazing opportunity for growth for our students! ~ Kasia Konstanty