Successful Spring Event

We Ate. We Gave. And we were Merry.

Thank you to those who came out and supported the Student Project Fund through our Eat Give and Be Merry Event. You make exceptional education possible. Although we don’t have the final numbers yet, we raised almost $11,000!

Student Project Fund
The goal of the Student Project Fund is to provide financial support for short-term, project-based learning experiences that fulfills HDCHs vision to take learning Deeper In and Further Out.

The following are some photos from the event.

Thank you to staff, planning committee, students and volunteers who gave of their time, muscle, talents, and energy to make the Spring Fundraiser Dinner such a success.

So many hands were involved in both the planning and execution, as we literally raised a ceiling, set up tables and decor, carried nursery stock, facilitated interactive activities, told bad circus jokes, shared about Deeper in and Further out, served tasty appetizers, drinks and delicious entrees, frosted cupcakes, cut fruit, and washed every last dish…and raised funds for Student Projects.


Collective Kitchen Cupcakes

An added element to the March 30th fundraiser included fresh fruit bouquets followed by a creative cupcake golden coin dessert option to raise money for the Collective Kitchen Project being initiated by the Food & Nutrition and Christians in Society Class this semester. The students baked 100 golden cupcakes with a lemon twist and 100 ultimate chocolate with a ganache filling to be purchased in the hopes of winning a cottage weekend getaway!