Student Project Fund

On Saturday night (March 30th), our community came together to celebrate and support HDCH and specifically the Student Project. If you were there, you would know that this evening was a fantastic night of laughter and celebration. The food was delicious, and the decorations were excellent. Being a part of the atmosphere was exciting. Although we don’t have the final numbers yet, we raised almost $11,000.

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The Student Fund is dedicated to providing financial support for students and staff who dream bigger than the operating budget of HDCH.

The people in attendance on Saturday night demonstrated a commitment and desire to see our students’ learning, and how their story and God’s story are woven together in the projects that they do. They showed a commitment to providing funds when the idea of dreaming is bigger than our budget. Saturday night has a direct impact on our students’ learning at HDCH. If you couldn’t make and would still like to donate it’s not too late. We are still accepting donations for this fund.

At HDCH, we go deeper in and further out in learning to live into our Christian world and life-view. Deeper in and further out captures the great commission: to love our neighbours (further out) as we love ourselves (deeper in).

There is a connection between going deeper into who we are as image bearers of God and going further out to be of service to one another and our broader community. And Saturday night we celebrated this vision and mission.

Thank you to all who made it happen and thank you to all who attended.