Inside & Outside the Classroom

Phys Ed

Grade 11 Recreational Phys. Ed. students had a chance to go skating at the Chedoke Twin Pad Arena. Some students had a great deal of experience with skating while some had very little. The class had a great time learning together as the experts were able to help those who were just learning. The students played on-ice games that tested their speed, starting and stopping. It was a very healthy learning environment thanks to the cooperation of everyone!

Flying Squirrel
The Grade 11 Phys. Ed. class had a fantastic Bridge Day today.  We started off with a nice walk along Rymal Road heading toward the Flying Squirrel.  We arrived just in time to start our hour of jumping, dunking basketballs, balancing, jousting, flipping, and playing manhunt.  Great day for all!


Grade 10 English students went on a Hamilton Poetry Crawl. Students were challenged to notice how poetry is experienced in non-poetic contexts. We read John Terpstra’s “Giants” at Sam Lawrence Park, the site of inspiration for this poem. We then traveled on to Locke Street and took pictures of pieces of language that intrigued or inspired us. We’ll use this experience to create original pieces of poetry.


The Entrepreneurial Studies class traveled to the 541 Cafe and Eatery as part of their unit on Social Enterprise. The class visited the cafe to learn about how they are meeting a need in their local community, discover the origins of 541, and see the work of social enterprise in action.

Following this experience, students were tasked with their own project–the $100 Challenge–to look at a need they see within their own community and develop a plan to start to help meet that need. How would you use $100 to start to meet a community need?


Grade 9 French classes learned about the French tradition “Poisson d’avril” for le 1er avril, our April Fool’s Day. We worked on discerning a real French news article from a satirical one, and then we had our own poisson d’avril fun.

Writer’s Craft

The Writer’s Craft class will be putting out their yearly journal, and this year’s theme will be “Through The Seasons.” We will be accepting student entries based on change and the seasons up until the deadline of May 10. Entries can be short stories, poetry, or anything that catches your fancy. We will be announcing more details later.
Email with submissions or questions.


Grade 9 ArtsBlock Students shared their work on a gallery walk.

ChristianS in Society

The students in Christians in Society have been challenged to answer the driving question, How can I bring awareness and support to a social justice issue in our world today?

Isaiah Dreise, Vaunn Smith and Seth Verrips chose the Ontario Christian Gleaners as their mission to support by raising funds to purchase lentils at a bulk price to go into the dried soup mixes that the entire class will be putting together on their upcoming Bridge Day. These students ran the coat check at the March 30th Fundraiser and were grateful for the generosity of our community and the fundraising team at HDCH. Blessings abound!


Over the past two weeks, Grade 9 tech students in MegaBlock have had the chance to learn some design and tech skills from local experts.

One expert we were fortunate to learn from was professional Graphic Designer Adrianne Sprogis. She ran a workshop for us on how to create professional looking posters to convey important messages, and then gave individual students feedback on their poster designs for their Superhero App projects. It was amazing to learn from a pro, and the quality of our posters and learning increased!

A second expert we had in to run a workshop for us was Hank Rintjema, a professional photographer. Hank set up a gallery of his work to help us learn tips for taking better photos and more about the technical side of photography. He shared stories about being a professional photographer and let us explore some ‘old school’ photographic devices. We will use this learning in our upcoming Photography and Graphic Design rotations.

We are so thankful for community members like Mrs. Sprogis and Mr. Rintjema for investing their time, passions, and talents in our learning!!


Grade 10 science students dissected frogs to help us learn how God has created beings with structures designed for a specific purpose.


Grade 10 Science students spent their Bridge Day making their our own pinhole cameras. The students had to expose photo paper and develop it in a dark room. The images were finicky, but some turned out very well. This “bridges” our optics and chemistry units.

Preparing for Mary Poppins is a Jolly Good Time!

The HDCH musical is underway!

With only 6 weeks to go, the cast and crews are working hard to prepare for opening night. We’ve come a long way since November, and Mary Poppins is really coming together. The instrumental ensemble is hard at work and the pianist, James Naphtali, who has been accompanying our rehearsals for months, is keeping us in tune and making sure that we “Step in Time.”

Mary Poppins is about two bratty kids, Jane and Michael Banks, who get a shocking wake up call after a mysterious nanny comes to care for them. Mary Poppins and all her strange friends are quite magical and almost unreal, and they each take their turn to help teach Jane and Michael a lesson or two. Much to all the Banks’ surprise, Mary Poppins ends up teaching them all the real meaning of family.

I’ve been shadowing the Director, Mrs. Whetstone, since January for this HDCH musical, and I’ve seen great improvements from when everyone began rehearsal until now. One particular scene we’ve worked at is Act 1: Scene 4, Jolly Holiday. Everyone has worked so hard on this scene, and you can clearly tell! It is a combination of peppy singing, energetic choreography, and a colourful set. Trust me, this is one musical you won’t want to miss! –Vanessa Koens, Grade 9

Video Clip:
This video is a snippet of the scene when Jane and Michael go to the bank to see their father at work. It’s just a taste of the work that goes into getting a musical up and running, but we have fun too!