Taking Delight in our Children

We never get tired of hearing good things about our kids.

This morning, a guest speaker came into the office after spending the first period of the day with one of our classes. She is an experienced high school educator now working in post-secondary education, and came to the office to tell us that there is something special about our school, that every time she has come here to talk with classes she has found the students quite delightful.

She said there is a wonderful positive energy in this place, and a refreshing openness in our kids to engage with the world around them in all its beauty and brokenness. She called your children, our children, lovely. We loved hearing that!

Of course you and we who work with these youngsters every day know that it can also be messy and broken and bumpy along the way, but it’s good to be reminded by the fresh eyes of a visitor of the loveliness in them. Let’s never forget to take delight in our children.

The Spirit is at work in them and through them. The Spirit moves through the hallways and classrooms of HDCH. Our children are learning and growing, and we too, their parents and teachers, are learning and growing.

Be encouraged today that He who began a good work in them and us will carry it on to completion.
Duncan Todd, Vice Principal

P.S. We look forward to sharing some of the loveliness (and maybe a bump or two!) with you as our students reflect on their learning next week Thursday and the following Tuesday at the Student Learning Conferences. Please don’t forget to sign up in Edsby.