The March to April

HDCH provides and delivers an amazing Christian Education.

It’s amazing because it’s delivered by some of the best teachers I have ever known. In mid-February, we held our two-day Professional Development session that we call ‘The Winter Residency.’

These two days provide the staff with an opportunity to dig deeper into topics and themes that enhance and bless the learning in our school. We have looked at a number of things over the years, and this year we focused on the ways we infuse our learning with a Christian Worldview through our work. As we talked about this during the residency, it is taking our Christian worldview and translating that into a ‘Christian World-do.’

We spent the two days, led by Darryl DeBoer from Surrey Christian Schools, focusing on God’s Story and inviting our students into that. We drilled deeper into how we can better integrate God’s Story into our project design, into the liturgies of our classrooms, and into the regular routines of learning and school.

Professional Development activities like this support our awesome staff in continued growth. The time to reflect and to work in PD sessions provides momentum to teachers in their work as designers of projects, of classes, and of learning. In fact, staff are working on a protocol cycle small groups to continue to increase intentionality of faith and worldview in our projects and assignments. Darryl left us with some very helpful tools to use.

As our teachers work on their craft in residency sessions and during their Thursday morning Collegial Connection PD times,  it is inspiring to see their investment both in doing great work and in blessing their students through great learning. When we see our teachers invest their heads, hands, and hearts in weaving together great projects with a Christian worldview, we see our mission come alive. And I’m so grateful that these exceptional people are teaching our children.