Co Op, Service Hours, Open Houses & More

HDCH Co op Program:  Placements for 2019-2020

Over the next weeks into March, Mr. Van Egmond looks forward to talking to all students who are planning to do a Co op next year, so the planning for an exceptional placement experience can begin.

All students booked for Co op for the coming year should have received a Co op Information Survey by email.  Please take 5 minutes to complete this short survey by Monday, February 25. Once your survey is submitted, he will be in touch to set up a follow-up conversation to start exploring your options.

A link to the Co op Info Survey can be found on the Co op Edsby page or here.

Student Transcripts

Student transcripts for OUAC and OCAS have been updated recently. It is very important for students to check their on-line accounts for accuracy. Students who are enrolled in independent studies or correspondence courses must check their accounts to make sure that all credits are accounted for. Students should ensure that non-day school marks are reported to Student Services ASAP.

Checking Online Accounts

Most students have completed their initial applications through OUAC and OCAS. It is important for all applicants to check their email and online accounts for information on supplementary applications, residence, and financial aid. Remember that most schools require students to register or to log-in to unique on-line accounts. Log-in information is usually provided via an acknowledgement email. Don’t miss important “next steps!”

March Break Open Houses

Most colleges and universities have spring / March break open house/visits days. These are great opportunities for students to check out campus life before making final decisions. Check with the admissions/recruitment office of the individual institutions, or drop by StuServ for help.

Admissions Decisions

Admissions decisions: most colleges and universities are currently in the middle of their admission reviews. Some students will receive offers in the coming weeks, others may not receive an offer until second semester mid-terms have been received. Students shouldn’t panic if they have not yet received an offer; the majority of offers are released in late April or early May.

Service Hours

All students, particularly those in grade 12, are reminded to submit records of accumulated service hours to the office as soon as possible. The deadline for graduating students to submit 40 hours is May 30.

Visit for instructions on paperless recording.