Coffee Time

I grew up in Bowmanville, Ontario, where my parents were highly invested in the local Christian Schools: my mom was a teacher at the Elementary School and my Dad was a principal of the High School.

As a result, our lives mostly circled around the rhythms of the Christian School calendar. Some Saturday mornings, this meant going to the school with my dad where my siblings and I would play in the gym while Dad was doing administrative work in his office.

Often, on these days, we would go for coffee to the Brinkmans’. The Brinkmans were stalwarts in the community and founding members of the high school, and in fact, they lived just three doors down from the high school. What was amazing about those coffee visits was that there were often many members of the community there. It seemed like everyone knew to show up around 10:30 am for coffee on Saturday mornings.

As you walked into the room, the conversation was predictably about one of two topics: either the church or the Christian school. These were institutions that the folks filling the Brinkman’s living room loved, and to which there were deeply committed. Sure enough, no sooner than my dad sat down on a Saturday morning, he would be engaged in conversation about what was happening at the Christian High School.

Coffee time, whether at the Brinkmans’ on a 1980’s Saturday morning, or at a coffee shop with friends on a 2019 weekday evening, has a way of giving everyone involved a chance to take a break, to break bread (or cookies or scones) together, and to have good conversation about life and about topics that matter to them — about the things they love.

And so, it is with this coffee time tradition in mind that I am excited to invite you to be part of such an experience here at HD. We hope you can join us at one of the Campus Conversation events coming up over the next several weeks. While the location and the era are different, the idea is the same.

Come and talk about talk about HDCH with a small group of people. Hear more about the Board’s plans for our future, ask your questions, share your opinions, and be part of what makes this community what it is. You can RSVP here.

I look forward to having a coffee with you.