Looking Back. Looking Forward.

Happy New Year! It’s the year of our Lord 2019.

May He be glorified by the work of HDCH and the people in it.

If you are anything like me, there is some reflection (looking back) and some projection (looking forward) that happens around the New Year. And while I know that not all of us practice resolutions or even find them necessary, the act of reflection and the art of projection are common in a lot of homes. For some of us with children in grade 12, the projection and anticipation around the events of the next year or so might be forefront.

Reflection and projection also happens at HDCH. The Leadership Team takes time to reflect on the past year to consider what might come in 2019.

We reflect on the good work that has happened in the classrooms and hallways of HDCH in 2018. Our Celebration of Learning tomorrow night will showcase some of this work. And we reflect on the strategic direction we have set for HDCH and how we measure up in our execution of being a school that cultivates character through learning for a life of service to God.

And then we project. We know that there are some significant things coming in 2019, including some transformative decisions that need to be made about our vision of a new high school building on our campus, our vision of campus development, our vision for the potential use of our current building. We are continuing our conversations with our wider community about the best way to provide Christian Education in the Hamilton District region.

In all of this, we reflect and project with the confidence that 2019 is the year of our Lord. It is our desire to be God-honouring and to be a faithful Christian community for the wider community of Hamilton.

I ask all of you to put HDCH on your prayer list for 2019, as we lead into this year — and beyond.