Classroom News

Venture 10

Grade 10 Venture students have taken on a project that involves acting as project managers for a playground redesign at Calvin Christian School in Hamilton.

The class has been working in a number of teams to create a site plan, research accessibility and inclusion, compare playground elements, and begin creating a preliminary design. Students are also using the new HDCH drone to survey sites, and are exploring ways to use Virtual Reality to create experiential models of the design.

The students invited a playground designer, Carissa Borowitz to join our class as an expert presenter and coach in the project.

On two recent field trips, the class spent some time doing a site survey and doing measurements, as well as looking at two recently constructed demonstration playgrounds at William McConnell Park and Parkdale School. The goal is to provide a proposal and construction plan by the end of semester two.

Drawing & Painting 11

The grade 11 Drawing and Painting class recently visited the Art Gallery of Ontario to experience Anthropocene which features “stunning large-scale photographs, murals, films and immersive augmented reality (AR) installations that reveal the scale of human impact on the Earth.”

This tied in perfectly with our own eco-art project, which is a collaboration between our students, Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Anthropocene was fascinating and shocking all at once; good art inspires good art.

Geography 9

In late November, our grade 9 Geography students had the opportunity to present their Livable City designs to Councillors and City Planners at Brantford City Hall.  Our students were challenged by City planners from Brantford to choose 1 of three sites in the city, and to re-imagine it in order to make Brantford a more livable community for the citizens there.

One city planner commented:

“these projects were comparable to projects I saw in my undergrad program”. 

The process was an incredible learning experience for our students as they learned about the challenges of city planning. We are incredibly proud of the investment our students made in this project, and for the proposals they created for Brantford. Our hope is that we will see some of their ideas implemented as Brantford works to redevelop these sites.

Math 12 & careers 10

Grade 12 math class presented their career pathway and reflective project to the grade 10 Career class. The grade 12’s shared their research and perspectives on why most university programs require some high school math knowledge regardless of the occupation they choose to pursue in the future. The class covered a broad range of programs, such as art and design, engineering, law, writing, science, veterinary, chiropractic, music, programming etc.
The collaboration was rich.