Celebration of Learning

We invite you to join us tomorrow to celebrate beautiful work.

As the end of the semester approaches, students are working hard completing projects and assignments they are eager to display at our upcoming Celebration of Learning. This evening is a highlight each semester when we gather as a community to admire and celebrate student learning.

This term’s Celebration of Learning runs from 7:00-9:00pm tomorrow (Jan 10th). Interact with our students, sample delicious snacks, enjoy interesting projects, engage with inspiring performances and celebrate learning.

Watch for these and many more …

Kinesiology students will use a posture assessment tool to collect data about how the HDCH community uses their cell phones. They will then propose proactive and corrective measures to assist the HDCH community about how to best use their phones. Student’s will apply their knowledge of anatomy, physiology, ergonomics, and exercise.

Play Probability Games with the Math students and chat about the theoretical probability of winning and losing

MegaBloc students will show a product that they have individually created that integrates two of the learning blocks on MegaBloc: Communication Tech, Design Tech, Manufacturing Tech

Christians in Society students have been focused on local, regional or international needs and throughout the semester developed various campaigns to raise awareness, volunteer or support in order to make a difference. They will present their outcomes with you.

From courtroom illustrator & reporter to attorneys on both sides, Law students will showcase the products of the various roles in their courthouse mock trial (including a video).

Science students will showcase their electric toys. Students were tasked with creating toys that incorporated electric circuits. These creations were built while considering safety, environmental, design and marketing components.

Drama students will demonstrate some of the fun games they play to create community and trust in our drama classroom. Audience participation is welcomed!

Don’t miss the Rocket Pick Up Trucks designed by Physics students. Catch the display of performance evaluation regarding Newtonian mechanics.

Is HD crawling with bacteria? Biology students took samples from various surfaces in HD to see which sample would grow the most bacteria. Come and see the results.

The feedback that you give them will be essential to deepening the learning that has already happened. So please, engage with the students as you wander around and Celebrate the Learning.

Join us in the gymnasium at 7pm for some exceptional demonstrations. Then, wander through the hallways and classrooms and enjoy beautiful work and great refreshments.

The whole family is welcome. Admission is free!