Classroom News

It’s time to Warm Up Hamilton!

The Christians in Society are accepting donations of new or gently used coats, sleeping bags, hats, mitts, and anything else that is in good repair that could be used to stay warm this winter. Please bring in your items by December 14th. All of the donations will be given to the Salvation Army soup truck that will supply those in need with these important winter supplies.

Consider bringing in some items on the evening of our Christmas Concert. There will be boxes available for your donations.

Probability Carnival

Math students designed and built games for a Probability Carnival, and calculated theoretical probabilities. During the Carnival at lunch, they recorded the outcomes of the game so that they could calculate experimental probabilities and compare to theoretical. Some students also calculated the odds and expected value.


The grade 11 and 10 French classes visited the McMaster ARiEAL lab to learn about linguistics, language acquisition, and the brain. The Centre for Advanced Research in Experimental and Applied Linguistics (ARiEAL) is housed within the Department of Linguistics and Languages McMaster University.

ARiEAL is an innovative and interdisciplinary research centre that brings together researchers around the world versed in experimental and applied methods, behavioural and neurophysiological approaches to linguistics, language, cognition, and cognitive neuroscience. The students heard from researching professors and grad students about their current studies and the learning opportunities that the department offers.

English & Civics

The grade 9 English class and Civics class teamed up to enjoy a day of learning how to survive in the wilderness. The purpose of this experience was to develop communication and citizenship skills in a fun and interactive way.

In the morning, survival consultant, David Arama, taught students how to identify possible dangers in crisis situations and what kind of equipment they would need to survive a natural disaster…or a zombie apocalypse. In the afternoon, students wandered into the wilderness of the HDCH campus where they worked together to build a fire and a shelter.

City Kidz

City Kidz, one of the many incredible community services organizations within our HDCH area, recently celebrated its 25th birthday and our Venture 10 classes headed there on November 28 to learn more.

After a brief career pathway presentation about non-profits, we had a chance to put our skills to work in preparing over 250 appreciation Christmas gift packages for their adult and youth volunteers.  We were also excited to see the recently opened new theatre space at the Burlington St. facility. Along with some amazing snacks and some great Christmas music, It was a great way to spend an afternoon with Nadia, Missy, and Abby at City Kidz.


The Grade 11 Biology class (and our school by extension) was invited to participate in the CALIPER program, which seeks to find what healthy blood levels look like for youth and adolescents. Most of our knowledge of healthy blood is for adults, and often children will have blood tests which will be compared to normal levels of adults.

CALIPER hopes to bridge this gap by asking for volunteers from ages 0-18 to give a small amount of blood so that a better understanding of what “healthy” blood looks like during different stages of development. Today, we had a clinic at the school where students participated and gave blood for this worthy program.

Sundial Tour

The Grade 12 Functions class toured the city looking at landmark sundials in Hamilton.  The tour served as a foundation for studying trigonometry in life, and how periodic functions impact us day to day.  Our sundial tour included visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Downtown Hamilton Police Station.


Grade 11 English students went for a tour of Mohawk College. The class met with third-year journalling students who listened to and gave students feedback on the podcasts they made in English class. HD students were given great feedback from the Mohawk students such as alternate editing websites to use and how to improve the quality of our recordings.  A lot of the students had not been to Mohawk College before and found the tour a very exciting experience.


The Knights have several teams playing during the winter season.  Girls volleyball, boys basketball, boys hockey, and new to HDCH is girls hockey!  The teams have had several practices and some early season games so far.  Check out the athletics calendar for practices, games, and tournaments coming up!