Being Bold with Deep Hope

Every day, we get to come to a school that puts Jesus Christ at the centre of everything it does. Students get to come and learn about who they are as image bearers and what it means to serve the Lord. Every day, this mission is accomplished at HDCH.

The Board of HDCH desires to continue advancing this mission. Maybe you’ve heard that HDCH has big plans. On November 5, we all got a chance to see one piece of this plan: the building that we will do Christian High School in for the foreseeable future. At The Voice, after our Fall Membership Meeting, the Board of HDCH shared with the membership a taste of what a new high school building would look like, should the plan to renew the campus of HDCH be approved next May.

The goal of this meeting was to give a brief overview of the campus and then focus in-depth on the high school building itself. It was a fantastic time of seeing our future high school building and imagining what we can become within it. Over 100 members showed up, saw some images, heard the vision, and participated in giving feedback to the Board.

It is the Board’s hope that at the May membership meeting there will be a vote on the motion to go forward with our plans for Campus Renewal. Between now and May there are three main priorities regarding this project:

  1. Create a Business Plan that explains how the finances will work,
  2. Continue working on the design of the High School, and
  3. Create and communicate a clear plan forward for the existing building and for future possibilities for the campus.

Stay tuned for more communication about this significant decision in the history of HDCH. If you have questions and suggestions, the Board would love to hear from you directly through our Vice-All, Allan Buist, or through me, Nathan Siebenga.

As we unpack what the future might be, we know this is a daunting task. It is in this vein that the Board and Leadership covet your prayers for our future. Pray that we make wise decisions and that God blesses our desire and ability to cultivate the character of students through learning for lives of service to God. Pray that we have the courage to continue with a bold vision for our future and with a deep hope that the mission of our school can be a blessing to communities regionally, provincially, nationally and even internationally.

This vision for HDCH is five-generational. It’s about the founders over 60 years ago; it’s about the two and three generations that have been part of this school; and it’s about the generations of children who are yet to walk through these doors as students. As Allan noted, “We’re at a time in the history of HDCH where we have an opportunity to honor those who went before us, to recognize our present reality, and to prepare for the future.” We look forward to preparing for it together.