Integrating Faith and Learning

In our professional development this year, one focus is to get better at how we integrate a Christian biblical perspective into all of our learning.

Earlier this month, our two VP’s (Christy Bloemendal and Duncan Todd) and one of our Department Heads (Owen Webb) were fortunate to attend a two-day coaching conference at Surrey Christian School in BC centred specifically on weaving biblical worldview through every course.

On the second day they were able to spend time visiting classes and talking with teachers and students, exploring how this looks in practice at Surrey. It was beautiful to see another like-hearted Christian school in action, and also encouraging confirmation that good things are happening at HDCH, that our teachers are designing deep and meaningful learning experiences for our students.

We look forward to a reciprocal visit from their Director of Learning, Darryl deBoer, over our Winter Residency in February, where the goal will be strengthening our faith integration in every subject.  This is at the core of our mission as a Christian school.

Duncan Todd, Vice-Prinicpal
Hamilton District Christian High