Boys Volleyball

OCSAA~ The Senior Boys traveled to Bellville in early November for OCSSAA and were stopped by the eventual champions, Smithville, in the quarterfinals.  It was a fantastic match where our senior boys played very well.

Cities ~ Congrats to the senior boys volleyball team won a silver medal in city play this year.  The team has qualified for SOSSA tomorrow (hosted at HDCH). They won a very important semifinal match against Guido on November 8 at HDCH, but fell to Ancaster High in the finals on Monday. The team still has hopes of repeating as medalists at OFSAA this year.

SOSSA ~ Follow the SOSSA action, including live streams, by following this link >> 

Jr Boys ~ For the junior team, SOSSA is at Guido next Tuesday.  They qualified on Tuesday night by beating Guido 3 sets to 1.

The Sr. Girls have had a busy schedule and placed third in the OCSAA tournament (Nov 2-3) winning the bronze medal game by 5 pts.  They also placed 4th in the city last week which is the highest the school has ever placed. The team will play in the SOSSA semifinals tomorrow at Dunville Secondary school against Ecole Secondaire Catholique Jean-Vanier.  The winner plays in the finals at 3:00 for a birth to OFSSA.

Junior Girls Basketball

Cross Country
Cross country has come to a close with some outstanding results! Congratulations to our two OFSAA star cross-country runners, Ethan Summerhays and Kara deJong, who ran in cold conditions on November 3rd. Neither medaled, but both ran very respectable times on a tough course with some steep, muddy hills. Ethan ran the 6km Senior Men’s race in a cracking 22:10 (that’s 3:42 per km!) and Kara ran at 4:49 per km on those steep hills to finish the Junior Women’s 5km race in 24:05! Well done.

Human Geography students traveled to EduDeo in Hamilton. The class has been focusing on the concept of globalization and looking at how individuals can actually affect change all over the world. With each issue they discussed as a class, the response usually ended up being “We would love to help, but we can’t make a difference. What can one person do?”

At EduDeo, we were shown the impact that one person could have on their community, as well as how a group of individuals could form together to help bring about change all over the world.

The grade 10 Science class used red cabbage as a universal pH indicator.
The  1P class used electrolysis to form beautiful tin crystals.

Geography 9 and Liveable Cities
Last week our Grade 9 Geography students kicked off their Livable City unit with a trip to Brantford.  The students were conducting field work, assessing sites in Brantford for redevelopment. Our students have been invited by city planners to engage in the planning process by reimagining how one of these sites could be transformed to meet the needs of the citizens of Brantford.

The next day, three city planners from Brantford – Tara Tram, Joshua Schram, and Alexandra Fortune-Rusynyk – walked our students through the planning process. Working in design teams of four, students will be applying these concepts over the next six weeks to develop a plan for the site they choose, culminating by presenting their ideas at Brantford city hall. We are thankful for the willingness of the City of Brantford to work with our students as they seek to impact local communities.

We have a recording!

The vocals class visited Amy White at Grant Avenue Studio to record Steal Away, arranged by Mark De-Lisser. Originally a spiritual, this arrangement is very meaningful to us, especially the bridge where the sopranos begin with a solo, later joined by the altos, and finally by the tenor part.

Listen here …

We view that section as the beautiful chaos that we live in daily. As we sing, we are thinking of how we can steal away to Jesus and throw all of our worries, burdens, troubles, aches, and sins onto Him. He heals us, protects us, and loves us through them all. And he also carries our joys, successes, surprises, friendships, and goodness. We love to sing together and are so happy to have a memory of our progress as a class.

The FOODS class competed in a Three Course Dining Delight Culinary Challenge for their Bridge Day as they planned, prepared, practiced and then served their menu to seven staff judges.

It was hard to select the winning team, but Team France had a slight edge resulting in earning the Master Chef title. The winning team selected a French theme and prepared: an appetizer of French onion pastry cups; a main of grilled chicken skewers on a bed of spiraled zucchini with a variety of vegetables and a dessert of creme brulee.

The second place team selected Greek cuisine and infused fresh lemons throughout their menu. The Greek menu included an appetizer of Spanakopita triangles, a main of flatbread chicken with a fresh Greek salad and a mini lemon cheesecake for dessert. It was impressive to see the students rise to the challenge and serve their amazing three-course meals.

The grade 12 Phys. Ed. class had an opportunity to go rock climbing at the Gravity Wall Climbing Gym.  It was a test of strength, determination, and courage as we strapped ourselves in to climb a high wall or gave a shot at the bouldering.  We were joined by a few students on spare as well.  Great work everyone!

Grade 10 history students visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. We learned about the various roles of men and women in The Second World War.

They learned how to send and receive messages in Morse Code and rivet together parts of planes. They also used a grid to determine the direction of enemy planes in order to decide the location they should send our fighter planes in defense. The students learned what it meant to ration and were shocked at how little food people had to work with. The class also heard the incredible story of Andrew Mynarski. And – of course! – got to see a lot of cool planes.

The grade 9 students in Arts Block are hard at work on their Commedia Dell’Arte project. This comical form of drama has actors wearing masks and acting in exaggerated, silly, and ironic manners.

Each student has used plaster to a create base for a mask… on their own face! They carefully applied a thick layer of vaseline before the layering of plaster began, otherwise Mr. DeVries could have pulled off eyebrows and other facial hairs along with the mask. It was a sticky, messy, loud, and fun day! At this point, masks have been completed.

Every student has chosen a character to embrace in mask decorating and in acting. You just might see some of these students walking around hunched over like creepy, scheming trolls, or flighty damsels in distress. If you pass such a peer, just give a high-five and congratulate the actor on embracing their Commedia Dell’Arte project. Presentations begin in class this Friday.