Engaging Interactions

A couple of years ago, Dr. Owen Webb spoke at The Voice, the community gathering we hold after every membership meeting that focuses on a specific topic in the life of HDCH.

He shared that, based on the number of students and staff at HDCH, each individual has the potential for 125,000 different one-to-one interactions. If you ask Owen, he will give you the math equation that helped him figure this out.

When I consider the sheer number of possible interactions in our school community, I’m struck by the boldness of this year’s theme of Belonging. If we envision 125,000 healthy relational interactions, what day-to-day work needs to happen to bring this about?

This Monday, November 5, we’ll be engaging beyond the 125,000 by inviting parents and members to connect at our fall membership meeting. These evenings typically consist of a New Parents Welcome Dinner, followed by the business portion of our HDCH membership meeting, which is then followed by The Voice.

The Voice this fall will focus again on Campus Renewal. Last spring, the leadership of HDCH presented a broad vision of our Campus. The goal was to share the possibilities of what we could do with our property. This coming Monday night, we invite you to find out in more detail about the proposed first phase of renewal: the design of a new high school that reflects a vision for high school learning for the generation to come. It is a big dream and we can’t wait to share it with you.

To belong to each other is a bold vision. Our membership meeting is one way that we can actualize this vision. See you there.