French Trip, Pumpkins & More

French Trip
The senior French students had a great time exploring Montreal and practicing speaking French. They visited Notre Dame Basilica, CBC radio Canada, Pointe-à-Callière Museum, Chinatown, and Mont Royal.

ArtsBlock students are gaining a world-class theatre experience and traveling to The Grand Theatre in London to see The Wars, a stage play of the Timothy Findley novel about a Canadian soldier’s experience in WWI.

Halloween Party
Newcomer Welcoming Committee students hosted a Halloween Party for international students. The students enjoyed eating fall-themed cupcakes, carving pumpkins, and playing charades and the party hat game.

Christians in Society
Students in the Christians in Society class invites retired adults to join us on Tuesday mornings during the month of November and the first Tuesday of December to gather as a group in order to build community followed by intergenerational gathering time together in small groups.

Please come to the morning sessions that you are able which will include: Tuesday, November 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th and December 4th.  If interested or if you have any questions please email Pauline VanderVelde at

Christians in Society
Today the Christians in Society class traveled to the Gleaners facility in Cambridge, Ontario to volunteer with the daily soup mix program. The students worked together to measure, bag and seal hundreds of bags of dried soup mix that will be shipped to those in need globally. They also cut, prepped and washed 1,000 peppers to be dehydrated for future soup mix.

Following their work, the students had a complete tour of the facility to learn about every step of the process. The Gleaners are celebrating 10 years of operation this year and we worked alongside volunteers who have been there three days/week for the past ten years!

It is a remarkable facility that is helping so many people in need globally by ‘gleaning’ fresh vegetables from around Ontario to be utilized in this manner. Their process is so sustainable that the pepper ends we cut today were being shipped out to be fed to cows for fresh feed. Blessed by this experience today!

Venture 10 students had the opportunity to tour Walters Group design and fabrication shop on Rymal Road to see projects at different stages in the process and learn more about a variety of career pathways that they offer in such areas as design, engineering, human resources and steel fabrication.

Walters Group is a family owned business that designs, fabricates and constructs a variety of commercial and industrial projects across North America. It was a great chance to see various aspects of their business, interact with some of their staff,  and tour their recently completed new office facility.

Grade 9s are planning, prototyping, budgeting, and designing their planter boxes for real clients.

Economics & Business
Grade 12 Analyzing Current Economic Issues (Economics) students and the grade 12 International Business Fundamentals class participated in an all-day seminar titled Why Do People Behave the Way They Do? An Introduction to Economic Reasoning in which they joined in with 250 students from around the GTA in a variety of activities, discussions, games, and lectures used to demonstrate how people are faced with economic choices every day.

Hendrik/Hank Teeuwsen volunteered for one demonstration and walked away with Fruit Snacks and the door prize of $50. Discover more >>

Transportation Technologies
The Transportation Technologies ventured to Hamilton Indoor Go-Karts to complete a lab on work and horsepower, factoring in distance traveled, time, and the combined weight of the driver and the go-kart.  Cole VanDonkersgoed had the days fastest lap but volunteer chaperone Mr. Koiter had the most fun.

The parenting class had a visit from Bethany from Beginnings to speak with us about the adoption process.

Phys. Ed.
Grade 11 Phys. Ed. students enjoyed the many fitness challenges the Flying Squirrel Hamilton. From walking a tightrope & dunking a basketball, to jumping up a wall to trying to perform front flips into the pit. It was so fun & their muscles got a great workout.


It’s playoff time!
This week all of our team sports have begun their playoff journey. Check out the athletics calendar for game times and locations.

The senior girl’s basketball team finished in the top half of their standings and will host a playoff game. They will be competing in the Niagara Region in the OCSSAA Senior Girls Basketball Championships this weekend. Follow updates of the tournament here >>

The senior boy’s volleyball team finished first in their division and will be looking to make their way back to the championship final, where they were narrowly defeated last year. They will travel to Belleville this weekend to participate in the OCSSAA Senior Boys Volleyball Championships. Follow updates of the tournament here >>

Both junior teams will host playoff matches this week.  Both teams are still hopeful to advance in city play and quality for SOSSA.

Boys Volleyball
Come and cheer on your Knights as our Junior Boys Volleyball team hosts Waterdown in our gym for our first playoff game. Join us today at 3:45.

Girls Volleyball
Come and cheer on your teams as our Jr Girls Basketball team hosts MacNab in this city quarterfinal game. Join us tomorrow (Nov 1st) at 3:30.