Word From Another Bird

As we head toward Student Learning Conferences this week and next, we as a staff are reminded of the keys we are focusing on this year for building a climate of belonging at HDCH:

Known: Every member of HDCH is known and knows others; knows and pursues their purpose.

We strive that our children will feel known through the SLC’s and will also be able to show a growing knowledge of themselves, their gifts and their purpose.  We are committed to getting to know the students in our care, and creating intentional opportunities for them to get to know one another and themselves better.

Honoured: Every member of HDCH is respected; respects self and others as image bearers of God.

This mutual respect and honouring of one another as image-bearers should be evident in all our interactions and our language at HDCH.  We ask ourselves:  Do we use language, and do we tacitly condone our children using language, that dishonours our fellow image-bearers?  How are we building a vocabulary of respect in our classes (and homes) that creates a sense of belonging for all?

Beloved:  Every member of HDCH is loved and shows love to others.

Is love tangibly evident in our homes, our classes and the hallways of HDCH?  What daily habits are we cultivating to show love in action?  Do students leave our classes knowing they are loved?  Our hope is that parents will leave the Student Learning Conferences knowing their children are loved here, cared for, and prayed for.

We look forward to meeting with students and parents at our Student Learning Conferences this week and next.

Duncan Todd, Vice-Principal
Hamilton District Christian High