October Learning

Discover what’s going on inside and out of the classroom.

Grade 10 PhysEd students went to Oak Gables Golf course to give them the experience of playing a round of golf.  Prior to the trip, the students learned how to swing a golf club as well as the rules and etiquette of the game.

Despite a bit of drizzle at the start, wet feet and a few lost balls, the girls had an amazing time, persevered through their frustrations, and eventually experienced success in various ways.

 “I love this”   “I actually hit the ball over the water”

ELL Bible
The ELL Bible class traveled to the ROM to look at exhibits from Ancient China and the West to find artifacts with dates near major characters and events in the Old Testament. For example, they needed to find something dated to the time of Abraham in both parts of the world.

The goal of this trip and assignment is to place the story of scripture in time and place and to understand that the story of scripture has a spotlight that shines on one particular people in one particular place, but also that there were societies and cultures developing elsewhere in the world.

The Grade 10 Manufacturing Class
As the students continue to learn about metals, they had the opportunity to learn how to weld using a stick welder, mig welder, and tig welder, as well use a plasma torch.

The students were really proud of their work.

Grade 12 Kinesiology students tracked how electricity levels fluctuate when a person holds a hand weight in a stationary position for as long as possible. It was measured on a LabQuest. The findings were that the electricity levels went up the longer the weight was held.

In GLC2O, the students have been learning how the essential skills they have developed through home life, school, extra-curricular activities, and/or community experiences can shape their career choices and can help them to develop workplace skills.

Last Wednesday, we had three guests share their career stories with the class.  Mr. Choi, Mrs. Kim, and Mr. Weng’s stories were particularly relevant to the class, as, like the students, they too were English language learners who completed their high school education in Canada.  We are thankful for their words of advice and encouragement as we plan our educational pathway and prepare for our future careers.

Students began their fieldwork and waded into the Grand River to collect aquatic invertebrates using the dip method. By looking at what species exist in the river, the students can determine the water quality and make conclusions about the health of the ecosystem.

Faith Foundations
Grade 10 Faith Foundations classes began a project that centres around the activity of God in and through lives in the Bible. As we explore this topic and ultimately get to where God can work in and through us, we will keep a record of meaningful steps, ideas, and participation in the learning.

This is done by keeping a “project wall” that will grow as students keep track of their own progress and learning.

Math & Tech
Following the first Sierpinski triangle, Mr. Weng (Math) and Mr. Blyleven (Tech) took it to the next level by enlarging the size of the pyramid to reveal more detail. It’s called the Sierpinski Pyramid 2.0.

The file and the structure were so big and complex that it was estimated to take approximately 80 hours to print on the 3D printer. The details of the pyramid were so complex, however, that it caused the printer to continually jam and it eventually took a week to complete.

Grade 10 WWI Workshop
Today the Grade 10s had a great opportunity to supplement their history learning by hearing world renowned Historian Andy Robertshaw speak about life during the Great War as well his work with historical movies such as War Horse and Wonder Woman.  The students also participated in a number of demonstrations of weapons of  WW1, medical procedures and signaling and communications.

Grade 9 English classes combined for a massive afternoon diving into Romeo and Juliet.


Junior Girls Basketball
The team has had a number of very close games and great opportunities for improvement. They’ve gone to overtime twice, and have stuck with most of the teams they’ve played against. The players are working hard and learning a lot.

Senior Girls Basketball
The Sr Girls basketball team has been playing great as of late, learning to play as a team and developing a balanced offense and strong defense.  We currently have a 6-1 record in league play after the first round of games in our division.  Next week we begin the second round of games in the top tier, and will be participation in the Christian School tournament Nov. 2,3.

Senior Boys Volleyball
This past week, the Senior Boys Volleyball team enjoyed two wins against GP Vanier and Dundas Valley.

The team is looking forward to playing in the Christian High Schools tournament and will be leaving for BC tomorrow morning. This promises to be a tournament of good competition which will push the team to be their best. We are grateful for Abbotsford Christian Middle and Secondary Schools who will be hosting the team for dinner on Thursday night, and Trinity Western University will be hosting all the Christian schools in the tournament for supper and free admission to their men’s volleyball match Friday evening.

The team is very thankful for the opportunities God has provided and look forward to a great time.

Cross Country
Our cross-country runners had a great day out at the City’s Championships at Christie Lake Conservation Area.  Early reports suggest that 8 of our runners qualified for SOSSA next week.

The Junior Girls, with three runners placed in the top 10, qualified as a team. Kara deJong (placed 6th), Ruth Ann Bos (8th), Hannah Whetstone (9th), and Kaelyn Vanderniet (13th) move on to SOSSA.

Three of the Junior Boys finished in the top 20 and also qualify for SOSSA: Aidan Zimmerman, Isaac Whitehead, and Aaron Oppertshauser.

Ethan Summerhays won the Senior Boys’ race (no mean feat as a Grade 11 student) which means he too will be racing at SOSSA.

Congratulations to these runners, who have been working hard each week to get themselves as strong and fast as possible!