Student Learning Conferences

Student Learning Conferences

Parents and students, please mark your calendars to join us for Student Learning Conferences on Thursday, October 18 or Tuesday, October 23rd.

Next Tuesday morning, we will send parents an email notification with instructions on how to sign up for conferences. Please make sure that your Edsby account is set up now so that you can book appointments.

For assistance with Edsby, please contact Kris Slootweg at

At Student Learning Conferences, we invite students to join their parents/guardians in meeting with teachers to talk about their learning together.

  • Parents are encouraged to ask any questions they may have, listen to their child talk about his/her learning, and share their insights and perspectives during the discussion.
  • Students will talk about their work, what is going well, what they are proud of, and what is challenging; sharing ideas about what they need for their best learning.
  • Teachers will facilitate the discussion; listen to insights from students and parents; and share their own perspectives about student learning.

See also: FAQs for Parents

Student Learning Conference


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