A Great Start

Check out what’s going on inside and outside the classroom at Hamilton District Christian High


Extra-curricular activities and clubs are getting into full swing, keep an eye on Edsby’s School Talk group for details.


Grade 10 Math Students created SOHCAHTOA posters. This is a way of remembering how to compute the sine, cosine, and tangent of an angle.

Our Gr11 Art students traveled to Smokey Hollow in Waterdown for a guided tour with an ecologist and learned about the fragile bio-diversity of this area.

Grade 11 PhysEd students are enjoying the summer weather on the beach for their sport-specific class. What a beautiful day!

Law class spent the morning observing a civil jury trial. The plaintiff was suing for damages resulting from a motor vehicle accident that caused injury and impacted her ability to work. We watched the cross-examination of the plaintiff. While the court was recessed, Justice Milanetti (the presiding judge at the trial), spoke to us and answered our questions.

It was a great day on the course for students trying out for the Golf Team.

Less than two weeks into school and grade 9 students are making some amazing things in Mr. VanderWier’s MegaBlock section.

Grade 9 MegaBloc students completed the Marshmallow Challenge. This is a simple team-building exercise that involves dry spaghetti, one metre of tape and a marshmallow. Who can build the tallest tower with these ingredients?

Grade 11 parenting class had a visit from Mrs. Anneke Gretton and 2-month-old Clara to help answer some of the students’ questions.

The Food & Nutrition class has been busy canning homemade salsa again this semester. A special thanks to the Boehm family for harvesting fresh organic vegetables from Struyk Farm.

Nine new international students along with the newcomer’s committee students enjoyed a special, fun day to help welcome them to HDCH. Beginning with devotions in the gym with the grade 9’s, ELL students enjoyed icebreakers and team building games in the cafeteria and then we went go-karting.

After a picnic lunch at Bayfront Park with the grade 9-day students, they returned to HDCH for an orientation session, where everyone shared stories of culture shock and travel and talked about strategies for success while away from home. Water balloon launching and bowling following finishing the day with at BBQ at HDCH.

Grade 9 Day
Our Grade 9s enjoyed a day that was all about them. After some fun and games on the soccer field, the students headed out to different locations around the city to help out at  Mission Services, The Dream Centre, The Good Shepherd, and City Kidz. Their hard work of sorting food, cleaning buses and harvesting vegetables was sincerely appreciated by all each organization.

After a picnic lunch at Pier 4, they headed off for an afternoon of go-karting, bowling, a scavenger hunt, and water balloon launching. It was so great to see the students and their parents out to finish the day with a BBQ and slide show.  It is our hope that new friendships were formed and that the students feel part of great grade 9 class!


ArtsBlock students visited the Hamilton Art Gallery for a painting workshop. The class learned about landscapes in the gallery,  had a very informative tour,  saw an amazing exhibit of photographs by Vivian Maier, and had a live painting workshop. What a full morning!


Today we had some guests of Edudeo (leaders and educators from Haiti, Dominican Republic and Burkina Faso) visiting HDCH.  As Francophones, they naturally gravitated first toward French classes.  They spent time engaging with Grade 10’s on the passé composé, and then listened to the Grade 11’s learning about Ontarian Francophones.

They couldn’t resist singing along with a French Ontarian song that Ms. Vos played for the class.  They then toured the rest of the school, fascinated to see both the facilities and the learning that was happening in our building.