Today is the first Bridge Day of the new school year. Twice a semester, each class has the opportunity to spend a double period diving deeply into their course material in one way or another. Class expands to the length of either the entire morning or the entire afternoon to make way for an extended learning experience.

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If your child will be late or absent, even for part of the day, please let us know by contacting or by calling 905-648-6655.

You can tell us the day of, the day before, or even weeks in advance. Thanks for your assistance in this!


We encourage parents to use Edsby, our secure online learning management system, to communicate with staff and to keep up with what’s going on around here. You’ll find:

  • daily announcements
  • you can report lates and absences
  • attendance
  • details about extra-curricular activities and clubs
  • booking details about Student Learning Conferences (closer to the date)
  • the school calendar
  • and so much more

For that and other how-to’s, you can visit: 

Late Bus Service

To make it easier for our students to participate in after-school activities, we continue to provide a late bus service to Brantford and Burlington. Please note that, due to a driver shortage, there is no Jarvis late bus so far this year.

The late buses are available to any HDCH student at no additional cost. Starting today, buses leave at 5pm (Brantford) or 5:15 pm (Burlington) Monday through Thursday each week. Routes are as follows:

  • Brantford – stops at Book Road, Ancaster Fairgrounds (5:15pm), and Highway 2.
  • Burlington – stops at Walmart (Hwy 5 near Hwy 6 – 5:40pm) and Walmart (Fairview St at 5:55pm).

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