Student Services

Student Transcripts
Student transcripts for OUAC and OCAS will be updated again in mid-April. It is very important for students to check their online accounts for accuracy. Students who are enrolled in independent studies or correspondence courses must check their accounts to make sure that all credits are accounted for. Students should ensure that mid-term marks are reported to Student Services.

Check Online Accounts
The initial applications through OUAC and OCAS have largely been complete for some time. It is important for all applicants to check their email and online accounts for information on supplementary applications, residence, and financial aid. Remember that most schools require students to register or to log-in to unique online accounts. Log-in information is usually provided via an acknowledgment email. Don’t miss important “next steps!”

Admissions Decisions
Admissions decisions: most colleges and universities are currently in the middle of their admission reviews. Some students will receive offers in the coming weeks, others may not receive an offer until second-semester mid-terms have been received. Students shouldn’t panic if they have not yet received an offer; the majority of offers are released in late April or early May.

Graduation Awards
Early notice for Graduation Awards and the John Buesink Memorial Scholarship: Check out the Student Services Edsby page for full details on these scholarship opportunities:

The John Buesink Memorial Bursary: The bursary is awarded annually to a grade 11 student who is honest, trustworthy, and loving towards people in need and has demonstrated giftedness in the business program and has a clear understanding of   Christian principles in relation to ethical business practices. The bursary consists of a    $750 credit applied to the tuition of the recipient and a $250 cash award.

Selection Process
In early May, grade 11 students are invited to submit a letter of application which includes:

  • why they value Christian Education
  • why they value HDCH
  • their involvement in community and church
  • a discussion of ethical business practices

Graduating students are invited to apply for the Graduate Scholarship Awards. For descriptions and application details, follow the Student Services group on Edsby. Applications are due in the office by May 30.

Service Hours
All students, particularly those in grade 12, are reminded to submit records of accumulated service hours to the office as soon as possible. The deadline for graduating students to submit 40 hours is May 30.