A ‘Word From the Bird’

A Vision for the future of the HDCH campus

April 14th is the latest snow day date I can think of during my time at HDCH. Every year it seems we have a snow and/or ice storm in April. Even though winter holds on, we can still see in our gardens new growth, and hear in the trees the activity of the birds. Spring is coming. It’s something we can count on.

This spring, there are a number of amazing things happening: from the day to day learning in our classrooms and around the school hallways, to the extracurricular experiences that are in full swing, this place is hopping. One of the things coming up is our Membership Meeting and The Voice, planned for Monday, May 7. I am really excited to tell you that we will be sharing a significant Vision for the future of the HDCH campus.

The Board and Renewal Committee have been in the process of consideration and discernment about our facilities and the advancement of our campus for several years. After integrating feedback from the voices of our community, we are ready to share our big plan with you. So right after the business portion of the Membership Meeting — where we will celebrate the good things happening at HDCH and engage in the business of the school– we will present to you these plan for the future.

I look forward to seeing many of you this spring at the different events going on. And I hope that you’ll join us on May 7, as well.


Nathan Siebenga