Deeper In & Further Out

Junior girls? Check!  Junior boys? Check!  Senior girls? Check!  Senior boys? Check!  It is SOSSA and OFSAA for all!  

All 4 sports teams for basketball and volleyball have made it to the pinnacle tournament of their level!  The junior teams both qualified for SOSSA after strong seasons and a hard fought challenge match for the girls last week. The southern Ontario championship will be held on Thursday.

Congratulations to the Senior Boys Basketball and Senior Girls Volleyball teams who both qualified for OFSAA this past Monday!  Both teams won Gold Medals at SOSSA with convincing wins in both the semifinals and finals.  The OFSAA Provincial Championships are next Monday through Wednesday.  The boys will be travelling to Cornwall and the girls to Windsor.  You can check out schedules and results at the OFSAA website for both the Boys Basketball Championships and the Girls Volleyball Championships.   Please keep them in your prayers as they travel and compete at these prestigious events!  GO KNIGHTS GO!!

HDCH recently joined the new HWDSB Non-Contact Hockey League. HDCH lost 2 close games to Westmount and MacNab (on a PD Day with a partial team), beat Churchill (by forfeit) and tied Westdale 2-2.  The team is halfway through the season as  they play each team twice. Playoffs are on March 26th (semis) and 28th (finals).

The next home game is today (Feb 28th) at Chedoke vs. MacNab at 4pm. Come and cheer on your Knights!

Full schedule is at

Food and Nutrition
Today the Food & Nutrition class had the opportunity to meet with the manager of Cafe 541 on Barton to learn about this missional restaurant. They also had a tour and prayer time in the prayer room in the basement of 541. From here the students completed a scavenger hunt at Nations to learn more about international products, meal planning and budgeting a shopping trip. It was an eye-opening trek to downtown Hamilton.

Haiti Trippers
A special note of thanks to the Ontario Gleaners for their gracious donation of delicious soup mix and dried apples for the students to donate to the Mission of Hope in Haiti food security program. The Gleaners missional program is such a blessing and we’re grateful for this organization. Blessings, Haiti trippers 2018.

Christians in Society
The Christians in Society class took time this week to host the Brantford CS students to share the milk mat ministry and pass along their looms for this class of students to continue. After six years and over 140 milk mats sent to Haiti to be used by individuals without, it was a blessing to teach and share this ministry with these students and know that this mission will continue.

The grade 11 sculpture and printmaking class has been studying Pop Art and has been exploring this theme through silk screening t-shirts. We have teamed up with Re-Create and the Compass school, organizations that work with at-risk and street-involved youth, to run a Pop Art style t-shirt factory. The students loved the experience of working collaboratively, and it was fun to explore the possibilities of mixing ink to get different effects on their t-shirt designs. Some of the designs make social justice statements, some are beautiful, some are cool, and some are just silly.

The shirts will be on display at Cafe 541 for March through May and will be for sale for $20 each. 100 percent of the proceeds will go towards the button jar, a way for people to eat at the cafe if they cannot afford their meal. This project has been designed to give youth an authentic experience as pop artists while being able to help feed people in their community. If you would like to help, or become involved, simply come to 541 Barton St E, Hamilton and buy a t-shirt. If you don’t want a shirt, but would like to help feed someone, just buy some buttons to fill the jar!

Grade 11 Law Students traveled to the John Sopinka Courthouse in Hamilton to observe court procedures. The class sat in on a sentencing hearing concerning a murder trial. The students were moved by the victim impact statements and chilled by the demeanour of the defendant. The Prosecutor presented his recommendations for sentencing to the judge, the honorable Tony Skarica. The class did not get to hear the defence council’s recommendations but followed up with newspaper accounts the next few days. The defendant was sentenced to the maximum of life without eligibility for parole for 18 years. The experience was worthwhile to extend learning beyond our classroom and the students were pleasant, polite, and engaged.

Hearts for Hamilton
Hearts for Hamilton exceeded their fundraising target for Hamilton’s “Out of the Cold” program and collected over $400 in just two days! Thank you to all who gave.

The Grade 10 Applied Science class is using Instagram to document the hands-on science activities, demos and labs that are done in class. We aim to highlight interesting activities that we’re doing and to keep a record of what we have done. Some of the posts are done together as a class, and some are individual student posts. For one assignment,  students have to find examples of the things we learn in class in their everyday lives that will be posted with the hashtag #scienceoutsidetheclassroom)

Follow the class on Instagram at: applied_science_


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