Annual Spring Fundraiser

Eat, drink and be Giving at our PROJECTing Our Future Dinner

You’re invited ~ Some tickets remain!
Creating exceptional Christian education requires exceptional resources.

The Student Project Fund facilitates exceptional learning as it increases our ability to make a Kingdom building impact in our students and local communities. In order to push the boundaries of learning beyond pen, paper, and computer, we’ve created a Student Project Fund that will release staff and students to answer bigger questions and connect their learning with the world around them.

An example of what could be with the Student Project Fund is the ability for our Venture students to create a nature trail on HDCH property. While it would be for our students, it would also be like our Disc Golf Course, open to the public.

The trail might include a prayer labyrinth, statues by local artists and our students, workout stations with equipment and/or signage directing what type of exercise could be done at various stops, benches, and so on. A great deal of planning, resources, and connecting with local businesses and community leaders, goes into a project such as this. But imagine what our students would learn, who they would meet, and the wonderful outcome of making such a space available to other schools for Phys. Ed class, or for our neighbours – a lovely walking trail.

This is only one idea of the many ideas that our teachers and students are dreaming about. Help make Kingdom building ideas a reality and join us Saturday, March 3rd for dinner.

Click here to order tickets or call Gillian Doucet Campbell at 905-648-6655, ext. 113 to order tickets or ask questions. 


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