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PROJECTing our Future

A number of years ago, several grade 12 students came to my office and presented a project that they were working on. It was a math project. They hoped to use math to transform a school space into something beautiful. As I listened to these students, I heard their passion and their desire to impact HDCH with their learning. They wanted to turn the unused space behind our cafeteria into a beautiful community space, they had a plan, and they were inspiring. It was an amazing presentation, but there was one major problem: this project wasn’t small. In fact, it was really big. This plan was going to cost money, more money than the Math department budget had available. It was going to cost more than our Capital Improvement budget had available. We simply didn’t have the money to make this happen for these students.

And this is when the dream to have a Projecting our Future Fund started. As is always the case, it takes someone like Gillian Doucet Campbell to make it happen. Gillian and her team have been instrumental in getting us to this point. Earlier in the year, Gillian asked, what if we had a fund that every student at HDCH could access for projects that require more resources than our operating budget allows? Since that day, she’s been dreaming about creating this event which would start the “Projecting our Future” fund. It is our deep hope is that as this fund grows, our students will be increasingly able to dream big in their projects, because this fund supplements our planned operational budgets.

This Saturday night, we have a fundraising dinner to launch this Fund. While the dinner event is a kick-off, it’s also just the beginning. We hope to keep adding to this fund over time. So if you can’t make it Saturday night for dinner, you can still contribute to the fund by contacting Gillian Doucet Campbell at gdoucetcampbell@hdch.org or by giving online here.

So that math patio project? We were able to make it happen. It cost our school $35,000. Some of the money came from our budget, and the rest was given by a generous donor. Because of someone’s generosity, our students were able to transform that unused space on our campus into a welcoming outdoor area that gets used as often as weather permits — which is very often! The patio started with a driving question and a group of inspired learners, and we are left with the product: beautiful work that has become a meeting space, a performance space, a green space that continues to bless our school community. We want this kind of learning and dreaming to continue into the future of HDCH.


Nathan Siebenga



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