A ‘Word From the Bird’

Every Day is the Everyday

This afternoon, your child should be bringing home their learning report from the first semester. This is an official record of your child’s learning at Hamilton District Christian High.

Report card day is always a tricky thing for me because I despise the idea of reducing our children to grades. And yet, I know this kind of reporting it is part of the mechanism of Education. Since our school’s mission is to cultivate character through learning for a life of service to God, how do these reports help us accomplish our mission?

Let me say this: the aim of Hamilton District Christian High is to provide the culture and community for exceptional Christian learning to happen. This gets manifested in many different ways and is expressed every day. Come to the school on a weekday, come for a tour, see how this all happens here. And to see the mission and vision of HDCH lived out day to day is really impressive. The learning energy of our students is life-giving to those of us who work here. And the reports that come home to you today are just one piece of this larger picture. Everyday things at HDCH make up a semester of work over time, and these reports are merely a summation of your child’s everyday at HDCH. It is my hope that these reports reflect your child’s learning and their different learning styles. I hope that as you read, you see how your child’s teachers work very hard to know their students.

Parents, I ask that you use these reports as a reminder that each child is on a learning and growing journey here at HDCH. Be reminded that they are doing this in a Christian environment where the everyday is not mundane. Because it is in the everyday of HDCH where the journeying and mentoring happen, where your child grows up, and incrementally loves and lives more like Jesus Christ. This is a school community where we rejoice in the everyday and we acknowledge that every day, the everyday is the Lord’s.


Nathan Siebenga


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