Student Services

Ontario University Applications
The application deadline for most publicly funded university programs is JANUARY 17th at midnight!!! Be sure to log on to your account to complete your application!

Check your email and online accounts
Most students have completed their initial applications through OUAC and OCAS. It is important for all applicants to check their email and online accounts for information on supplementary applications, residence, and financial aid. Remember that most schools require students to register or to log-in to unique online accounts. Log-in information is usually provided via an acknowledgment email.

Ontario College Applications
The deadline for application to most Ontario college programs is Feb. 1st. Students do not need a password or PIN, but they will need to create an account. Applications are made online through the Ontario College Application Service @ Application help workshops will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the next two weeks.

Transcript Accuracy
Student transcripts for OUAC and OCAS will be updated shortly after first semester exams. It is very important for students to check their online accounts for accuracy. Students who are enrolled in independent studies or correspondence courses must check their accounts to make sure that all credits are accounted for. Students should ensure that any external (Red Hill, ARCT, GELA, Gary Allen, etc.) marks are reported to Student Services.

Admissions Decisions
Most colleges and universities are currently in the middle of their admission reviews. Some students will receive offers in the coming weeks, others may not receive an offer until second semester mid-terms have been received. Students shouldn’t panic if they have not yet received an offer; the majority of offers are released in late April or early May.

Christian University Applications
Applications for many Christian universities, including Calvin, Dordt and Redeemer, will continue to be received and reviewed on a rolling basis. It’s not too late to apply!

HDCH is proud to invite applications for our exciting Venture program. The Venture program complements the existing cooperative education program by expanding and extending vocational explorations into grades 10 and 11. This year, we will accept up to 20 applications from students entering grade 10. We will be hosting a community information evening on Wed. Jan. 31 at 7:30 in the HDCH library. Please join us.

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