Deeper In & Further Out

Walters Group (Hamilton) ~ What do the CN Tower Edgewalk, the Tim Horton Stadium in Hamilton and the Crystal addition to the ROM all have in common? The steelwork on each project was done by the Walters Group right here in Hamilton. The Grade 10 Venture class had the opportunity to tour the Walters plant on Rymal Road recently and enjoy a pizza lunch while learning about some of their recent projects and innovations such as specialized design, welding, and automation systems. We also had a chance to look over the shoulders of their design and architectural staff while working on some current projects. Thanks to Marty Verhey of Walters for arranging our tour and showing us some great Walters hospitality!

CLAC/PAT Institute (Cambridge) ~ Apprenticeships in a range of skilled trades are an increasingly significant pathway to the careers and post-secondary employment. The Grade 10 Venture class and Grade 11/12 Home Reno class took some time recently to tour the new CLAC/Pre Apprenticeship Training Institute to learn more. Students took a tour of the facility which includes a fully outfitted training center for carpentry, electrical, HVAC and gas fitter. We were also introduced to apprenticeships in a range of fields and took away some important workplace safety training as well. Thanks to Colin DeRaaf from the Christian Labour Association of Canada and his team members Steve, Glenda and Sarah for hosting our classes and arranging a valuable afternoon of learning.

This semester, students in the grade 12 biology class participated in a ‘Let’s Talk Science” Action Project. This project, supported by the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics at the University of Guelph and other community partners was a Fish Market Survey. Watch for more about this project soon.

Faith Foundations
In these last few days, students in the Bible classes are reflecting on their learning in a very deliberate way. Each student has gone back through their work from the beginning of the semester until now to take stock of their learning, their tendencies, and how the big ideas of God’s story are revealed in what they produced. For some this process has been a “bit cringey” as they begin to recognise how they have matured in their own thinking and have learned a lot about redemptive history over the course of the semester.

Students have also chosen one thing that they have made to revise and present in a portfolio through Edsby. (Parents can access this portfolio through their student’s profile.) They have identified what they like about their work and what they would like to change. They then reflect on why those changes are better, and revise their work one last time. A process of iteration was part of every project until now, and students have come to understand that the ‘first draft is the worst draft’.

The photo is of Ethan Webb holding three iterations of the same project. His prototype is in his hand. A second version is on his right, and the final version is on the left. The overall concept is that Moses mediated between God and the Israelites.


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