Celebration of Learning

Join us to Celebrate Learning at this Open House event.

This lively evening with feature beautiful works from students over the last semester at Hamilton District Christian High.

Interact with our students, sample delicious snacks, enjoy interesting projects, engage with inspiring performances and celebrate learning.

On January 11th, we will enjoy the learning that has happened at Hamilton District Christian High over the last semester. There will be presentations, performances, displays, and discussions all around the school. HDCH students are working very hard this semester and they are ready to share with you what they have learned.

Food & Nutrition students are focusing on planning, preparing and serving a unique treat to celebrate their culinary development and enhance their food service skills.

Students are looking into an environmental issues involved in their homes or community to see how Chemistry contributed to the problem, and can also work towards a solution.

Students have incorporated electrical circuits into toys that they built.

The purpose of the evening is for students to share and celebrate learning with others. We want them to be able to communicate and demonstrate their learning to a wider audience than just their teachers or classmates. We want parents and experts to come and see what a tremendous job the students of HDCH are doing. The feedback that you give them will be essential to deepening the learning that has already happened. So please, engage with the students as you wander around and Celebrate the Learning.

Students have created paintings based on imagery in the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System to make people aware of the beauty and ecological fragility of this environment.

Students from our Exploring Technologies class (MegaBloc) have used their design and tech skills to create 13 Little Free Libraries that are being adopted into 13 different neighbourhoods from Simcoe, to Peterborough, and places inbetween. Come and see a sample of the different student designed and built libraries, and feel free to exchange a book while you are at it! Bring a book you’ve already read, and leave with a new one to enjoy!

Students will offer guests a chance to be guests on a podcast. They will explain the recording process and ask them to subscribe to their podcast

The whole family is welcome. Admission is free!

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