Deeper In & Further Out

On Wednesday, November 22, 16 students (6 intermediate and 10 senior) across all grades participated in the Canadian Senior and Intermediate Math Contests hosted by the University of Waterloo. Although there are students participating in the University of Waterloo math contest every year, this year we had the most participants ever. The math contest gives students the opportunity to show their competence in math knowledge, problem-solving creativity, and resilience of trying challenging questions. Thanks to the encouragements from all the math teachers and the willingness of students to take up the challenge to improve their math literacy.

The grade 11 art class had a great time visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario. The day started with a special exhibit on monsters in art, continued with a tour of Baroque, Renaissance, and Canadian art, and ended with a memorable experience in the contemporary gallery. Most of the artwork was beautiful, some of it was challenging, and all of it was interesting. Everyone left the gallery wishing there was more time to explore, study, and get lost in great art.


Arts Block
The students in Arts Block are finishing their work this week on our “Art and Canada” unit. Drama class has been learning about the importance of storytelling traditions and practicing the art of delivering a story. Some students have been increasing their proficiency in instrumental music, while others have been designing footwear for the Canadian Olympic team. Next week we will begin an integrated unit on art and the world to allow students to investigate and appreciate a wide variety of cultural and traditional modes of expression. We are looking forward to sharing our learning at the Celebration of Learning!

ArtsBlock – Drama
The Arts Block drama students are answering the question “How can we bring traditional Canadian folktales to life using the techniques of tableaux, live action, soundscape, and characterization? We have been working for three weeks, studying the elements of staging, tableaux, soundscape, and characterization to learn how to bring the written word to life. We have discovered that Canada has a rich storytelling history and that the stories differ from coast to coast. We have also learned that it takes courage to really get into a character’s shoes and create a distinct voice and physical action to represent that character. So far, we have seen amazing things come to life, from sneaky devils to squirrels, from lumberjacks to little girls. On Friday we will be presenting these folktales to the greater Arts Block class.

Grade 12 English students visited the famed Grant Avenue Studio where they worked with world-class engineers and recording equipment in preparation for the Hamlet media project.

Thesis Gallery Walk
The Grade 11 students posted a printed copy of the first draft of their speech thesis statements on the walls of the classroom. We then conduct a “thesis gallery walk,” which means we offer peer feedback using “I like” and “I wonder” statements about each student’s thesis. These critique statements go on the back of sticky notes, which we then post on the student’s thesis paper to help them improve their work.

OFSAA Bronze Medal for Boys Volleyball
That is the standard our senior boys volleyball team has taken the program to after their bronze medal victory at OFSAA this weekend! The boys had an exceptional season and ended it with a provincial medal after a long and difficult OFSAA tournament.

“The senior boys volleyball team traveled to Woodbridge for OFSAA. We went 3-1 in pool play with our only loss coming to the eventual champions, Louis Riel. On Friday evening we won an emotional quarterfinal match against Durham Christian High School. The next day we lost a tough five-set match in the semifinal to Toronto District Christian High then we moved on to the bronze medal match against Brampton Christian Academy. This was a very challenging match as the team struggled to find the energy we needed. We were able to win in the fifth set 25-23 19-25 20-25 25-21 18-16 to secure the bronze medal. This is the first time HDCH has won a medal at OFSAA for boys volleyball. Throughout the season, the team became incredibly close and had a great time competing together. It was an unforgettable season for the ‘Mountain men’” ~ Joseph van der Woerd

  • Junior Boys volleyball finished second place at SOSSA after losing 15-12 in the 5th set of the finals. The team played its best volleyball of the season in its last game.
  • Girls volleyball has started out strong in both the junior and senior levels. The teams have each played in exhibition tournaments and started out strong. Both teams now have plenty of work to do to keep up with the high standards they have set for themselves.
  • Boys basketball starts this week with exhibition tournaments. Stay tuned to the athletics page on Edsby for all the details. Go Knights Go!

The grade 10 French class debated topics related to les médias sociaux en français.

Grade 9 French classes headed to CCS to share French stories with grades 5 & 6 classes. HD students read their storybooks and CCS students shared a play they’ve been working on with us.

Our grade 9 PhysEd have witnessed people doing fitness with a huge smile on their face! They run numerous kilometres, climb over walls, plunge into ice water, and many other things that get them covered in mud! It is called Tough Mudder. Our students have created their version of this event called The Knights Front Line “Miner Niner’s Mini Tough Mudder. The course will be shorter than an official Tough Mudder course, and it will also be cleaner, as some participants will head back to class afterwards. Our hope that many people try the course and have fun doing fitness!

The Food & Nutrition Class competed in a 3-Course Meal-Master Chef Challenge for their bridge day serving eight judges the amazing food that they had prepared. Taking into consideration: taste, temperature, texture, time, meal appeal, presentation, level of difficulty, made from scratch, a healthy balance of food groups and food service the judges evaluated the results while enjoying these two 3-Course Meals. It was a festive occasion celebrating Greece and American food with a twist! The students can be proud of their work and the final results!

The Grade 12 World Issues students are preparing their “What can I do?” summative projects, where each chooses a current global problem to analyse and tackle. This week, students participated in The “Swordfish Protocol” where students have a series of short stabs at presenting their project ideas and giving one another feedback. Each presenting student has one minute to explain their issue and their ideas for a final product, then the student who is the audience at each table has one minute to provide feedback and suggestions. The students found it helped them focus their thinking a great deal when they had to communicate their issue and ideas in only a minute, which they got better at each time, and they also received rich feedback and so many supplementary ideas for their final products.

Manufacturing Technologies
The Manufacturing Technologies class is learning how to work with sheet metal in creating small tool boxes. The sheet metal being used was salvaged from chalkboards removed from classrooms when upgrading to whiteboards. The project reinforces the importance of accurate measurement as metal is not forgiving. Tools used are the stomp shear, box and pan brake, slip roller, tin snips, punch, rivet gun and various layout instruments.

Grade 9s were working with a film editing program called Power Director in order to create their own cinematic masterpieces.

Venture 10 Heads to City Kidz
What do you get over 1000 children for Christmas? City Kidz partners with a number of generous Hamilton donors each year to do exactly that. The Grade 10 Venture class visited City Kidz this week to learn more about the work they do in Hamilton and the career paths available there in the non-profit sector. Then the students helped out wrapping gifts for the afternoon, including hoodies and chocolate letters for their youth volunteer teams. It was a lot of fun to hone our wrapping skills, enjoy some hot chocolate and donuts, and be part of a project that brings hope to many households in Hamilton.

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