A ‘Word From the Bird’

At HDCH, our learning mission is Deeper in and Further out. Simply put, it is our hope that the students of HDCH will learn more and more so that they can go out and serve more and more.

Our Deeper In is connected to the classroom, the learning, the engagement in the content and discovery of life skills and passions. Our Further Out  is connected to knowing that the learning is not just for us — we desire our students give to others, be of service, be Kingdom builders. We use the passage ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ as a way to frame Deeper In (love yourself) and Further Out (love your neighbour). This is at the heart of what we are trying to develop in all of the students at HDCH.

As you and child or children head into December, know that their learning is pushing them Deeper In and encouraging them Further Out. You will find evidence of this in our Uknight, you will see it celebrated on our social media, but one of the most effective ways to really experience Deeper In and Further Out is to come to our Celebration of Learning in January. Students are encouraged in going Deeper because they know their work will be on display. And at a Celebration of Learning,  Further Out happens when our community comes to HDCH. We have a number of our community friends who come to the school to see what is happening, to see the impact of their mentorship on the student learning at HDCH. This is a time when the service of our students is also on display, from the organization of the event to the serving of food throughout the night, service is baked into our Celebration of Learning.

Listen for our Deeper In and Further Out learning mission in your child’s work, especially as we get closer and closer to our Celebration of Learning.

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